July 5, 2017


We awoke to a rainy Saturday morning
and believe me, we were not complaining.
After a leisurely light breakfast, we formulated our plans
for the day and decided to spend the entire morning shopping and browsing.
There is a certain area we have grown to enjoy, so this was our destination
and we must have been rather anxious as we arrived about one-half hour
before the stores opened.
We took the opportunity to browse as this area is like a
little city unto itself.
I love how they have featured these inspirational
chalkboard style signs just everywhere throughout the village.

Our rain showers this summer have
made everything such a vibrant green
and the florals are just stunning this season.

I love, love, love window shopping...
wouldn't it be fun to be able to design a window diplay.....

Do you love KENDRA SCOTT?

I know Miss M has found some darling outfits here....

I love crystal chandeliers....would love this one in our dining room.

HEY.....Michael's was open early....
and yes....we climbed all those stairs to browse
through the craft store!

Even though it was still sprinkling a bit,
people were enjoying coffee and pastries outdoors on the patio.

This gorgeous trumpet vine was stunning along
a wrought iron fence.....

First stop was BATH AND BODY WORKS....
we could spend hours in this store...

Then it was on to CHARMIN' CHARLIES.....
I wanted everything on every isle...
just enjoy.....

It's been awhile since I went to this store
and boy was it ever fun.......
I bought a few gifts and one special treat for the darling and me.....

Even though we normally do not drink beer,
I do think we can manage that beachside.
Hope y'all enjoyed this little excursion....
thanks for coming with us!


  1. You can also use those can holders for soft drinks! I've never heard of Kendra Scott, so I am going to Google her right now!

  2. Love your 'adventure'...the store fronts are gorgeous!!! Looks like you had a fun day and a little rain is not such a bad thing--it keeps the crowds down. Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana

  3. Thanks for taking us along Betsy. I actually snapped a picture of the wine glass for my daughter , who has cats. LOL. Love the candles and so many cute things in the last store. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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