May 1, 2017


What a great weekend of shopping we had...
new clothes for him and kitchen goodies for me!
I just had to share these beautiful pieces with you
from The Pioneer Woman collection!
I picked up two new placemats
that are just precious AND reversible!

How sweet is this little sugar bowl?

Along with a new cream pitcher!

I simply had to create a new little coffee station for us.....

I also picked up this beautiful bottle of Lemonade
from Sprouts...Tangerine Lime...
the darling knew I couldn't resist 
this beautiful bottle!

Which is going to be more glorious 
served in her glassware......

Then I came across  Spice Drops!
My goodness, I have not thought about these in years....
Grandmother used to have these for us in a precious
little glass candy dish!

Yes.....even prettier displayed in the PW little sherbet dish!

I would say Ree Drummond has been
a smart cookie, by designing her collection
to mix and match pieces over time....love it, love it!

This is SO much more festive than a plain ole' white mug....

Lastly, I added one of Grandmother's sterling silver spoons....
"just a spoonful of sugar.....'
Aren't you just happier when your world is full of color!


  1. I love the pretty kitchen collection. Reversible is always a plus. Your grandmother had some beautiful things...so glad you use them. Blessings for a great week . xoxo, Susie

  2. Those colors truly usher in the feeling of Spring.I love the sugar bowl and creamer.
    With all that wind-I hope you were able to keep your "skirt from showing your knickers" while
    you were out shopping :>)

  3. What a treasure trove of darling things! Also love your table runner. Spice drops will forever remind me of my sweet Grandma, Margaret. Have a great week, Betsy.

  4. These kitchen items are so cute! I like cottage style!

  5. Very sweet collection PW has going. Oddly enough, I was at Wal*Mart when a group of sales ladies were discussing the merchandise in the middle of the bowls collection. One lady thought they'd never get "rid" of them. Another piped up to say that eleven had been sold just that morning. "More like we won't be able to keep them in stock." Those bowls are cute, too. Have you seen them? Wish I needed bowls. Maybe I could donate some old ones and buy PW's.

    1. Hi Vee! Yes, I have a few of her bowls and they keep coming out with prettier ones....plan to add a few of those also! I just find her products lovely and so affordable!

  6. What a fun coffee centre. All the colour would surely wake you up. :) Spice drops were a favorite growing up.

  7. Love her kitchen items. Have so many great pieces at Walmart. Have you seen her new cook book? Some terrific recipes in there.

    Have a great week,

    1. I have seen her cookbooks Mary. I do own one. She is one of the few shows I watch on Food Network these days...they somehow have gone to "kids!"

  8. I love the 'layering' you do. it's so pretty.
    the small blue and white print under the splashier ree creations!
    it's all just beautiful! makes me feel happy. :)

  9. You've put everything together so well...it looks incredible. I've walked past the pretty towels but haven't bought anything...yet! I may want to go and look again. And yes, I remember the spice drops! I can still think about how they tasted! Enjoy your day!


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