March 26, 2017


Good Morning Loves!
How is the weekend going for you?
It was another gorgeous spring day here
in Texas on Saturday and we are going to enjoy
a mild 83 degrees today!

The darling is playing golf
so, Mae Mo and I are enjoying a lazy Sunday morning......

I am decorating the mantel for Easter......

And, spending the entire day outdoors in the garden....
We have begun adding new finishing touches to the patio
including this adorable Joss and Main toile pot
planted with Lemon Thyme!
I love spring, don't you?
Y'all enjoy your Sunday!


  1. It's looking so gorgeous around your home. Enjoy your day in the garden. "Hi Mae" xo

  2. Miss Mae looks so serene and self-possessed. Enjoy your day in the garden...sounds lovely! 🌿☀️🌿

  3. Betsy, Mae looks so pretty in this picture. I am so ready for more outdoor time. I am thinking of planting some lemon things here...lemon balm, lemongrass and lemon thyme...these plants are suppose to help keep mosquitoes away. Wishing you a beautiful new week ahead. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Doesn't Miss Mae just look the picture of dignity and poise! -Jenn

  5. could there be a more beautiful cat?

    blessings for your new week as well dear bean!

  6. Will u email me your addy? I have the perfect lil sumpin sumpin to send u that will match your coffee mug...and perfect for you!!

    1. Oh Janey....I so appreciate your thoughtfulness..there is no need to send me anything...my cupboards are full....I just so love hearing from you and having you visit! Enjoy your weekend! Get some rest after caring for those precious grandbabies!


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