February 14, 2017


THE  visit....from Atlanta....was postponed.
We waited to "turn the corner", which is coming slowly...
it's FLU season....and the darling is the unfortunate winner!
And.....I apparently caught a milder version of his.

It's the actual FLU.....Type A...
did you know there is Type A and Type B?
We are going on a week now, and still not at our best.
We could not chance giving this to our Atlanta loves,
so a wise decision was made to reschedule until March.
We are all disappointed big time!

I did actually feel I needed to prepare some homemade
nutrition today, so I made a big pot of Mother's Vegetable Soup.

I even managed to whip up some Banana Nut Muffins
from my favorite Southern Living Cookbook!
This is a keeper....it's simple and basic....
and oh so good!

Warm banana nut muffins with butter.....

A small bowl of Mother's soup made
with Spicy V-8 and lots of pepper to create a marvelous flavor!
Now it's off for more rest.....

Being the dedicated Maine Grandma that I am,
I did manage to ensure I sent Luke's Valentine's Day gift in time...
Happy Valentine's Day love....see you in March!


  1. Betsy, So sorry to read that you and your hubby are sick. I hope your mom's good soup will help with the healing. Hugs to you both. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. You are a sweetheart Susie! Warm hugs!

  2. The flu boat is full....for I made a 9pm visit last night to our best friend, who also happens to be MD for a shot of Celestine for my back pain. While there he looked at me and asked how I felt. Horrible. He did some blood work and told me to go home and get comfy cuz the flu has hit me too. Yuk.
    I have very big week planned and it looks like it will all be cancelled. But right now all I wanna do is hide under covers.
    I shouldn't be surprised as the elementary/middle school in this small tow closed for 3 days last week because of flu outbreak. And I even had the flu vaccine.
    I also managed to put a pot of taco soup on to cook and try to get some cornbread made...not sure that will happen tho.
    Sending healing mojo yalls way!

    1. Well, what do you know! It IS alive and in full bloom in many places. So sorry to hear this Janey. I have never been a big believer in the Flu vaccine having been in the medical field for years and knowing the inside operations of drug companies. Now, I am going to reconsider. At our age, this is not a good virus to catch! I will take the mojo AND the soup and cornbread! Hope you get well VERY soon!

  3. You always have good things going on at your home even at the not so good times, like the flu that is going around.
    I got an ear infection from it the last go around. I took cillian and mucinex like the doc said. It was going around again in our area and this time when I felt stuffy, I took mucinex and it certainly did help a lot. Hope your husband is feeling better real soon.

    1. Oh how miserable Betsy! I send you healing thoughts and gentle hugs to be on the mend! Thank you for stopping by today!

  4. Aw, I hope you all feel better soon. The flu is no fun!

    1. That is so kind of you Cecilia! Appreciated! Hope you are doing well! Warm hugs to you!

  5. Oh so sorry you had to cancel your travel plans but you made a good decision to not take any chances of sharing it. We too, have this awful thing called influenza and spending our time alone. It has taken its toll, thehubs ended up at urgent care and has had a horrible cough, fever, even the top of his head hurt. Your soup will surely make you feel better.

  6. Be well. I teach 2nd grade, so I know all about the various types....unfortunately....

  7. So sorry that you both are under the weather, and especially on Valentines's Day! The flu makes my cold seem insignificant. I know you must be so disappointed to have to postpone you daughter's, son-in-law's and grandson's trip. Take care and get well soon!

  8. Feel better soon...you're a good wife to be making homemade soup and muffins Rest, rest, and rest some more until you feel like doing again. March is just around the corner!

  9. I am so sorry that you are both feeling ill. UGH- It is that time of year though, isn't it? I hope you are all better by the weekend. Happy Valentine's Day to you--xo Diana

  10. Oh Dear, I am so sorry that your both not feeling well! I am amazed that you could cook and still be sick... Get Well Quickly, rest and rest some more. I actually heard that so many get dehydrated while they have the flu! Drink plenty of liquids
    Hugs, Roxy

  11. I'm so sorry to hear you both are ill, Betsy. The flu is inflicting its nasty bug all around the country. It looks like you have it all under control, though. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. ♥

  12. oh my goodness betsy i'm so sorry you're ill.
    and to think you STILL made homemade soup! AND banana muffins! you are an amazing home goddess.
    I often equate you to Martha and even more so... to Ina! but I doubt seriously if THEY would do that while struggling with the FLU! well... Ina probably would for her beloved Jeffrey.
    bless you both dearest bean. and get well soon.
    oh my English... I mean bless you and your husband both!
    but then loving Ina as I do as well... bless her too! LOL! :D take care of YOU. ♥

  13. I am so sorry y'all are sick!! This weather is perfect to stay inside - warm and cozy in bed until you feel better!

  14. So sorry you've both been sick! Glad you were feeling up to a bit of cooking - that soup will help you back to health! And Banana nut muffins! My favorite!

    Rest well, Betsy.


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