February 26, 2017


Hello Loves!
How was your weekend?
We had gorgeous weather once again
so everyone felt like spending a few days outdoors.
Over in Atlanta, Jay, Luke and Harry played a game of Horse!

Next up, a neighborhood game of football transpired......

Kids, dogs and a football.....
sort of reminds me of a certain family in Hyannis Port....

We have planned new projects to update the homestead for Spring....

I have always thought the outdoor lantern entry lights were too small
for the size of house, so this was the time to select new, larger lights!

The old ones had also faded due to sun exposure!

It's SO nice to have a son who helps his Dad with these projects!
They make a great team....and......
I am so pleased. I love the new look!

This just may have been the PERFECT shrimp boil!
Lots of Slap Ya' Mama and
Louisiana Shrimp boil seasoning!

Crab legs gulf shrimp, potatoes, corn, onion, garlic, lemon....
oh my goodness...this was just perfection!

I made some fresh Remoulade, a Tomato-Cucumber Salad
and a hot crusty loaf of french bread!
We seem to eat like kings on the weekends they visit!

Bo and I found a warm sunny spot and took a tiny power nap
while everyone else was at Home Depot!

The perfect setting for the cocktail hour.......

I had to laugh......
the Atlanta Cocktail hour is never a lonely one!

Mae Mae is happy once again to be Queen of her Castle!
She STILL does not like the BoBo!
However....he is growing up and always glad to be
at the grandparents house....and....WE are glad to have him for few days!
Now..please do tell me what fun YOU had this weekend!


  1. I really like the new lanterns! They are the perfect size for the grand entryway to your home. Mmmm - the shrimp boil looks delicious! My weekend has been quiet, but looking forward to next Saturday and my grandson's very first T-Ball game. 😍💕

    1. Thank you Connie! I am so pleased with the update! Oh darling..I know how proud it feels to watch the grandbabies begin their chosen sport! Have a ball with that!

  2. The new lanterns look great! Did it take them all day to make the switch? 😉

    1. Thank you Vee. Looks so updated! They were relatively painless to make the change...unusual for us! Have a great week love!

  3. isn't it funny how two simple details make such a difference! the new lanterns are perfect.
    what a gorgeous home you have.
    and the kitty and puppy pictures? priceless. always. I could nap right there in the sun with bo.
    but you can guess the one where I literally laughed OUT LOUD! those ginger eyes that speak volumes! ... "what??? where's MY bloody mary?"
    ... "on second thought skip the cocktail. and just gimme' some shrimp!"
    how can you refuse that stare???
    thinking about watching the Oscars tonight. I've been watching Victoria on PBS every sunday...
    but i'm thinking tonight's is a re~run. I'll have to check it again to make sure.

    1. LOL...oh Tammy...you are such a hoot! If only Hollywood had kept the magic, the fashion, the glorious cinema....but when they became political foes and have felt their words and thoughts matter the most.....I was out a long time ago. However, I would love to know your thoughts if you do tune in.....Have a lovely week!

    2. I can never get through the whole thing! I have to admit. I can only take just so much self 'back patting.' ;)
      I watch the red carpet arrivals to see what they're all wearing! LOL! you outted me! LOL!
      I also found out that the finale of my Victoria on PBS is next week. :)
      but I'll be watching the episode that's on anyway!

  4. Betsy i would love to know the recipe for your cucumber and tomato salad.... Would you share??? Hugs! deb

    1. I will certainly do so Deb. Very easy!

  5. Oh my goodness, your home is gorgeous. The lanterns are perfect for the entrance. And look at Mae...doesn't she look lovely. So happy she is feeling better.

    1. Thank you so much Deb for your thoughts on Mae. We are so thankful! Thank you for visiting today and I hope you have a great week!

  6. The new lanterns made a huge difference!!! You have such a lovely home! I'm always happy to see your Mae looking so well!
    Amber and Mike's Shiner (white lab) had surgery on Friday. His hip socket was totally gone. He did well and came home Saturday. We are all so relieved. Shiner is family.
    We have been working on our side yard for days! Five days! Trystan came home with us today after church and we have had the best time. I love it that my grand quads want to spend extra time with us. We will have all four tomorrow!!
    I, too, have lost all interest in Hollywood. I miss the old days. We are watching Singing in the Rain as I write!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

    1. Oh the classic oldies were great! Now. that's when Hollywood held the mystique and glamour! So glad to hear Shiner's surgery went well..pood darling. Thank you for stopping by today Linda and leaving such kind comments.

  7. Love the lanterns!!!! I think you are correct that the old ones were a bit too small. I love updates!!! Ha! I love the "peeping Piper" pic! Too funny!

    1. Thank you Jenn. Piper is a love for sure! Thank you stopping by today and wishing you a lovely week ahead!


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