January 18, 2017


Sometimes, being the"runner-up" can prove to be
the happiest thing ever!
We all know our friend Susan at
My Mother's Apron Strings, who every month
creates and gives away her beautiful apron creations!
I received a message from Susan back before Christmas
that the winner of the October giveaway never contacted her,
so when she drew names of  blog readers out of a hat,
for the "second winner"...it was ME!

I am the proud owner of TWO of Susan's aprons
and I am so honored to have them!
Susan chooses such beautiful patterns that 
you just cannot help but smile when wearing one!

The first apron I won can be seen
on my sidebar! 
I think I may declare that one my 
spring and summer apron!

I fell in love with the colors she selected for October!
Thank you Susan for such a wonderful blog you 
write and sharing so generously, you're lovely handiwork!

I responded with a note of thanks 
and one of my all time December
favorites from Michel Design Works...
I thought she may enjoy this for her holiday baking....
Susan is my "hero baker",so I am sure she loves her kitchen!

Be sure to hop over to Susan's blog and say "Hey!"


  1. Aww...what a great win! Too bad for FIRST PLACE winner...her loss--your gain! I have never been to that blog but I will rectify that this morning. Happy baking--xo Diana

  2. Congratulations on your win! It's really pretty.

  3. You are a sweet friend and I know the apron(s) get good use in your kitchen with the fabulous concoctions your bake! I love passing on a tradition of an apron; my mom donned one everyday when she came into the kitchen and it is a happy memory of baking with her:-D

  4. Lucky you. What a pretty apron. I won one of Susan's aprons a few years back and love it.

  5. I am also the recipient of two of Susan's beautiful aprons. Susan is a good friend and an outstanding baker. She also is a hard working designer of paper crafting dies. Enjoy your new apron, Betsy. ♥

  6. I'm going to visit her right now! I love aprons! That one is perfect for you. I'm so glad you got it!

  7. You are blessed! I am, too. I also have two and my Christmas one is still hanging. In March, I'll get out my regular ones. I am a particular fan of October's with the rich brown and the beautiful colors. Congrats! (Susan is a very generous lady.)

  8. isn't it amazing what memories a simple little piece of material sewed in a special way ...
    and chosen with cheer and love... what memories it can inspire!
    it's just beautiful.
    and it's so heartening to know that aprons are alive and well in this super tech age.
    it brought my gramma back to me. an apron was the first thing she put over her dress in the morning... and then she wore it all day. I remember many of them. and I loved them all.
    they were always starched and ironed!!!
    thank you both betsy and susan for this post!
    and btw...
    my beloved gram's name was estelle! it's what drew me to your blog in the first place.
    my jenny estelle would be so proud of you! ♥

  9. On my way to visit her. ;)


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