December 7, 2016


This year, I chose to go with Silver and Gold
in the foyer.
If you are like me,
you add something, then another, then another
until you decide, "it's done!"
The vignette sort of evolves......

This is my newest addition to the "Santa's!"
He is a rather fashionable fellow isn't he?

I have had the reindeer for years
and they certainly were the perfect touch
for this dapper Santa!
The embellished christmas trees are BEAUTIFUL!
They come on automatically in the evening
and cast off the softest blue hues.

The wreath is also a new addition
which I had actually planned to use
as a centerpiece during Thanksgiving.
I loved the muted Champagne colors
and it took me a few days to decide if it 
was right for this vignette.

I LOVE sugared fruit at the holidays....it's elegant!

The vintage sheet music
this Santa is carrying is
"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear"...
which brought to mind memories
of Grandmother Estelle playing carols
on her grand piano.....

Now, this darling snowman is from
the Dennis Basso collection....
how darling is he?

And....oh how I love this new Santa...
also from the Dennis Basso home collection!

Well, I changed out the wreath and opted
for a lighted snowy wreath.
I had purchased this for the front door,
but realized it was a plug-in lighted wreath,
so I changed my plans and placed it on the foyer table.
NOW! It's complete and we love it!
It certainly is a winter wonderland!


  1. Sweet Betsy, you said it just right....evolving vignettes..that is exactly what I do..change things here and there. I love your wonderful silver and gold décor. One of my daughters does the deer also. I really like the new Santa you have chosen. I like that you change up the header on your blog too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Aren't you a dear Susie! Thank you for your sweet comments. I loved hearing your daughter also loves Deer during Christmas. I love having you visit! Have a lovely rest of your week...hugs!

  2. Looks gorgeous, Betsy! So elegantly festive. Have a great week.

  3. This is so lovely. Silver and gold is just right for your entry.

  4. Silver and gold is lovely in your foyer, Betsy. Your Santa Claus' are so elegant. I'm sure all those that enter your home will delight in this vignette. ♥

  5. I love this!! I love the Santas, the silver and gold, the deer ~ all of it! I really like the pre-lit wreath too. It seems to fit perfectly in this display! Of course, I love all the twinkle lights too. They just make everything look so cozy and beautiful.


  6. sigh......so pretty! love the silver/gold.
    can't wait to get home and decorate...so much to do-so little time.
    going to be a very different christmas this yr....

  7. Elegant and pretty...can't go wrong with silver and gold. Dennis Basso...ever purchase anything in his clothing line?

    1. Hi Vee. Yes, I have purchased a few of his coats and rain jackets! Love them. Extremely well tailored!

  8. exquisite. I love vignettes that in my mind... I can simply walk into.

  9. Beautiful entry way, Betsy! I just love those little mini lights and the soft glow you get from them in the evening. -Jenn


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