November 14, 2016


Not all of us have huge, crazy families
that find their way home for Thanksgiving.
My thoughts are always turning back time
to when Mother chose to celebrate Thanksgiving alone.
I think of all those holidays that she could have spent
with us, but unfortunately the travel became too much for her.
It must be rather hard to hear others plan 
big family dinners and travel plans when you
are finding yourself alone on Thanksgiving Day!
But, listen....we all go around once in life,
so treat yourself kindly and treat yourself
to a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

Decorations can be beautiful, yet simplistic
when they represent our harvest season!
Candlelight creates an atmosphere of loveliness.

Roasted Cornish Game Hens are a beautiful
alternative to a large roasted turkey!
Fill them with citrus and fresh herbs
for a scrumptious flavor and appearance. 

For your side,
perhaps a roasted stuff acorn squash
filled to the brim with stuffing, dried cranberries, apples 
Italian sausage. 

Always, always
find time to bake a lovely apple pie.
It's therapeutic to bake a pie
there is nothing more lovely than pie.

Sip your wine in a beautiful goblet.

Treat yourself to a walk in the woods
wrapped in a sweater and scarf.
Sip your coffee and watch the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Begin the holiday season
by watching Miracle of 34th Street
with darling little Natalie Wood.
When nighttime falls,
you may just realize
how much you enjoyed the day.
"You are a child of the Universe...
no less than the trees and stars..."


  1. Thank you for this! You are right not everyone has a huge family that venture home!..Mine is dispersed all over the continent. I do believe every day is a day for "Thanks giving"...I absolutely love your blog and photos!...

    1. Good Morning Stefanie! Thank you so much love! I appreciate your visit today and such a kind comment! Have a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

  2. This is a beautiful post. I have spent holidays alone. More so now that I am getting older and travel with my disabilities is tough. My husband and I have decided this year to go to see my sister. She always has a large gathering. But now that I am retired I can sleep the next day to recover. There is nothing wrong in choosing to celebrate by yourself or with one other. It's about what is in your heart.

  3. It would be very tough to spend a holiday alone, but many do and have. You are so right Kathy..it's what is in your heart! Take time to be good to yourself. Have a great week! Hugs!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful post, Betsy. When I was single and living away from home I spent a few holidays by myself because I just couldn't bring myself to accept invitations to other family's get-togethers. I would have felt like I was intruding, I guess. So, I made some excuse and spent those days with takeout, on the beach, reading and watching the waves (and maybe feeling a tad sorry for myself). lol

    We will have a big crowd this year but will be missing my one daughter and her family though.
    Blessings and I hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana

    1. That all sounds wonderful Diana! I actually wrote this for my sister who will find herself alone this year. It can be as lovely as you make it even though it might be lonely! It's a day to be thankful for all your blessings isn't it? Have a lovely week!

  5. Betsy,

    These are beautiful ways to celebrate, even if you are by yourself! I would hope that others would open their doors and hearts to those who might be alone, but I understand, too, that some may feel like they are intruding.

    Its always uplifting to make a meal and day beautiful for oneself. We are worth it.

    You have shared beautiful inspirational photos!

    We are having a very different Thanksgiving this year as we will be with my husbands' mother who is 95 years old. We might even be eating out! Regardless, we will be able to celebrate with her and share our thankfulness for a beautiful woman who we are delighted is still with us.

    1. 95 years young...oh Deanna! How wonderful to spend the day with her. Bless y'all! Not all Thanksgivings are diamonds. I remember one where my mother was in the hospital recovering from Breast Cancer and we had dinner at Morrison's cafeteria. Let us just be thankful for family and count our blessings! I hope yours is wonderful and filled with love!

  6. Thanksgiving can be a bittersweet holiday for many of us, Betsy. I am blessed with a large family that has always gathered together on this day at my sister's home. Sadly, she passed away on Thanksgiving seven years ago. We still gather in her home every Thanksgiving. Thank you for your sweet thoughts today. ♥

    1. I am so, so sorry to hear this Martha Ellen. Holidays can often make us melancholy when we remember our loved ones. But...isn't it wonderful to have those lovely memories! I look forward to hearing of your family Thanksgiving and all the festivites of this beautiful day! Hugs!

  7. Oh this was beautiful. I have only spent one Thanksgiving alone and it was quite a sad affair involving a turkey pot pie as I recall. Your suggestions are so much better.


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