October 5, 2016


Oh it was a success!
The darling and I  had been scheduled to 
babysit Luke the Duke and Miss Piper
over in Atlanta, so that 
The Divine Miss M and her sweet husband
took a well deserved vacay in Punta Mita!
We both said......
"OK! Wish us luck.....we're goin' in!"

As luck would have it,
both the darling and I came down with horrible colds.
I thought a big pot of chicken soup would be just
what the doctor ordered along with
some warm chocolate pudding for Luke
our fist night!

Just heartwarming.....

Miss M had her home all dressed up for fall....

Their gorgeous Tuscan style kitchen was festive for the fall!

I thought she did an amazing job on this~

Fall decor in every nook and cranny!

The darling and I made a good team...
we divided our duties between both Luke and Piper
and amazingly, we kept on schedule
for dog walking, dog hugs, breakfasts and dinners....

We had Luke to the bus stop every morning by 6:40 AM
arrived to greet him off the bus at 2:40 PM.

A homework session with Papa.
You do realize there are no textbooks anymore...
it's all on their I-Pads!

We made quite a few trips to Kroger
and the weather was gorgeous!
Their mums were calling my name......

We enjoyed every afternoon out on the deck
reading and letting Piper enjoy the fall weather.

I was over the moon happy with this....
I introduced Luke to our tradition of Spiced Tea in the fall.
I mixed up a big batch for Miss M to have on hand
when she returned home.

Every afternoon he would ask me...
"Grandma, may I have some of your delicious Spiced Tea
in my new owl mug....I really love that!"

Saturday afternoon was a time for baseball!

While I sat with the peanut crowd,
Papa handled all the baseball equipment!
Then of course, there were several 
afternoon play dates with Caden.

"Smile pretty........"

"Can y'all please be serious for a moment
and allow me to take a sweet picture?"

Saturday night was reserved for October movie night....
I was SO excited to show him this Disney classic
from our childhood!

I always try to do a craft project with our youngest grandson,
so this time around, we chose to carve a Jack O' Lantern!

I love this shot....
a little boys hand removing all the gooey pumpkin and seeds...
HIS favorite part!

We had a ball doing this......
and would you believe, it was our very FIRST time to carve a "jack" with him?

Papa carves the BEST Jack O' Lanterns, I think.....

He looks pretty happy with it.....
we did good Papa.....we did very good!
This kid sure makes us laugh!
while we were holding down the fort in Atlanta....
the "parents" were enjoying paradise
at The Four Seasons......


Now tell me....
did you have a "cheeseburger" in paradise?

Thanks y'all for giving us a memorable week!


  1. This was a great week for you! There's nothing like a grandkid to put life in perspective. Owl mugs, spiced tea and jack-0-lanterns. Who could ask for more?

  2. It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time with Luke and Piper. What fun grandparents you are! All of Miss M's autumn decorations are so festive looking! I was not aware that iPads have replaced textbooks. I will have to purchase that movie for my grandsons. I'm sure they will love it. Thanks for sharing your photos of your visit to Atlanta.

  3. You and Linda are almost living parrallel lives just a week apart. The kids have to love having parents who are willing to drop everything and hold down the fort. And I know that you enjoyed a fun week! Luke is adorable, but do not tell him. He prolly does not like that sort of mush.

  4. I think you both did a fine job with the grandson. He is adorable. I like that he loves the tea. The grandkids are precious moments in our lives...aren't they? Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. What a great week you had with Luke and that Miss M and the mister had in Paradise!

    Your header and blog are gorgeous Betsy!

  6. Awww I can see how much fun y'all had by all the smiles. Just think, every time your grandson looks at that mug, he will think of his special time with his Grandma. Looks like a good time had at all.

  7. Can you come babysit me for a while?? What wonderful things you did. My goodness that is early to be leaving for school in the morning! -Jenn

  8. I enjoyed reading all about your great week in Atlanta, Betsy! Grandparents add so much to the life of a child. Your daughter's home is lovely. I'm sure Luke will always remember this special week with his grandparents. ♥


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