October 24, 2016


What a glorious weekend!
If ever there were perfect days, then we certainly had them
here in Texas!
Friday was So nice,
Jenn decided to work from home
and took her lunch lakeside! 

I believe ole BoBo
was a happy camper to have his mama home
enjoy some lovely fall weather!

Now my darlings,
over my surprise gift from Miss M!

Oh the places to dream about....
my new little globe for my work space!
She also tucked in a precious tea towel
which I will feature in a future post!
Thank you "M!"

How cute is this?
I couldn't resist,,,,
so I picked up this darling Halloween banner
and sent it to the Divine Miss M!

We did our weekend trip to Costco
to stock up on Halloween candy for
our expected Trick or Treater's!
I am also putting the finishing touches on
our Halloween decor! 

I think of all my new purchases this year,
my vintage banner is my favorite!

I could not resist these gorgeous
autumn shortbread cookies,....too, too cute
delicious I might add!

Friday night was Homecoming down in Joshua!
It's hard to believe that junior high kids now
celebrate along with the high schoolers!
Yes honey.....We do BIG MUMS here in the south!

Our granddaughter and her handsome beau!
Ah....young love in autumn........
Miss Abbie and Brennan!

Over in Atlanta,
Luke the Duke had a play date with his sweet little friend, Emily!
Now I ask you, how cute is she?

Just one look....that's all it took.......
they are exchanging Pokemon cards.....

I just had to laugh...
Miss M was dashing through her day running errands
it was not until Luke pointed out that she forgot something here......

After a week of travel, and
FINALLY getting home Friday night....
Piper Rose was ever so glad to have her daddy home!

The darling treated me to a trip to
The Container Store on Saturday...
it's time y'all....
the GIFT WRAP extravaganza has arrived!
I was lost in a world of sparkle and plaid!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Betsy! Cute Pokeman young love. Love all your pics of your beautiful family. Have a great week.

  2. What a beautiful family (and playmate(s)! You sure had a full weekend. I LOVE all your sweet gifts. That globe is so cute and I love your banner, too. Hope you have a sweet week. xo Diana

  3. Love the photos! Sounds like a really nice weekend♥

  4. I adore the vintage banner, Betsy. And the globe looks right at home on your desk. You always show such loveliness here with family. Enjoy your day. ♥

  5. I loved your wonderful gifts. The pictures of young love....oh even if I live to be 100, I will remember the first sweet kiss. I married that boy, you know. I really like the banner and the pointing hand. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Fun gifts you were blessed with! The gift giver knows you well. The Container Store...must see if that one has arrived in my corner yet. I am looking for storage solutions. It is always fun to see the new wrapping papers.

  7. Such a fun weekend for everyone!

    You have a beautiful family!

  8. pokemon is pretty popular "up north" here as well. Laughed to see that tag dangling from the shirt. I walked around with a long clear sticker advertising my pants size for a while one day. -Jenn

  9. Another round of great pictures. Love the pup. So cute.


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