September 13, 2016


There are some elements in decorating that just seem to work together.
I have so admired everyone's use of their tiered trays 
their unique displays of their favorite fall things. 
I do not own a tiered tray,
but....I do have a lovely set of three-tiered depression glass cake stands,
that I thought may work beautifully for such a display.

The glass is a very soft delicate pink.

This glass takes on such a soft golden glow in the light of day.
Any item I chose to add was going to have to be tiny
as there is not much space between each tier.

I then thought of Mother's little tiny collectibles 
which I keep tucked away in her china cabinet.

I borrowed a few faux pumpkins and leaves
from around the house 
played around until I got the look I was going for.....

Her tiny gray woodland squirrel......

Her tiny siamese cat....

Layers of autumn loveliness....

This little contented cat is normally on display
in our formal living room.....

I love how this came together....
It can be so enjoyable decorating with favorite heirlooms
which are always reminders of our family.

Enjoying her autumn days ...
the new napping spot!

What are your favorite heirlooms
on display for fall?


  1. Your stands make a wonderful tiered tray statement...everything looks so sweet...great job, dear one...what a good time I am having at the party...xoxo

  2. Love your stacked cake stand. They work just as well as a tiered tray or stand. You have decorated it so pretty with fall accessories.
    So much fun visiting each post. Happy Tuesday.

  3. I love that you used your Depression glass! We have lots of it and rarely get it out. Great thinking.

    The colors you chose are wonderful -so rich and inviting for this time of year. Aren't you loving that it's finally cooling off a little? I'm seeing some changes in the trees behind us too.

    Have a great week girl!

  4. Great idea on making a tiered stand. Isn't it fun to look around and put things together for the extravaganza? The Happy Wonderer

  5. Betsy, your Depression glass cake stands are perfect for the tiered arrangement. I have collected pink Depression glass for years so this is right up my alley! Adding your mother's collection make it even more special. Lovely, dear one. ♥

  6. That is such a wonderful rule of thumb to utilize heirlooms we love into different design themes.

  7. It looks beautiful to me! I love that you went with what you already owned without going out to purchase a new-fangled tiered tray.

  8. I love the depression glass. Coloured glass is so nice. Your display is great. The last picture (kitty cat) looks like she's wanting to go over to it and knock a few things off! -Jenn

  9. Your cake stands are just gorgeous. They really show all your treasures beautifully.

  10. What a wonderful tiered tray~ the wee creatures and autumnal touches are lovely. Thank you so very much for sharing this gem.


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