September 7, 2016


We ALL had a marvelous few days with Miss M!
It was a rare occurrence that she was able
to fly home from Atlanta just by herself!
I think she really, really enjoyed having a few days to
relax and unwind!

We enjoyed a breakfast of
sausage and biscuits, along with yogurt parfaits
before a day of shopping!

We spent a few hours strolling around Target
and found an entire basket full of goodies!
Then, it was on to Bath and Body Works!

Oh my...it was a fall extravaganza!

Of course...we had a ball!

We planned a late afternoon matinee at The Angelika!
We chose to see Indignation!

Hmmm....what to say about this movie.....
It was NOT our favorite.
We were both disappointed....
it was a beautifully filmed movie
with the autumn golden shades and that 1950's vintage look.
The acting was very, very good, as was the dialogue!
However, the film was tedious and at times, boring.
Now it was the ending that just sucked the life right out of you...
Neither of us would recommend this one.

The darling and Nick had chosen to spend a few hours at
Top Golf while we were at the movies.
We then walked a few doors down and met them both
for dinner.

Cocktails and seafood.....
good times!

Friday night had been reserved to get dressed up
and  go into Dallas for an evening
on Greenville Avenue!
When we do have those few occasions to get together,
we take time for a family pictures!
I guess you can see how much he is enjoying
having some time with his one and only daughter!

I can say we are BOTH happy to have her home!

Miss M bought a new Rose' wine for us to try...


All dressed up with some place to go.....

A photo op with Mom and Dad....
I got the "gurggles"...
excuse me!

We stopped by Reunion Tower with the hopes
of having cocktails at the bar....

The Omni was FULL and all abuzz
with the big game...
Alabama vs. USC

Then it was on to Terilli's

Cocktails at the bar upstairs

Dallas nightlife

Gorgeous weather was ours for the enjoyment..
we spent our last day together just relaxing poolside!
It was a marvelous time and all too short....
this just made our end of summer!


  1. Great pics! Looks like a good time had by all! One of the biggest things I miss about Texas is the Angelica theater. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Hi Katie! So happy to see your visit with the children...Boston is such a great place to visit..thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Such a joy to see a little of your weekend with your daughter. She can do this again one day, I'm sure.

    1. Hi Vee! I am counting on another visit next summer! Hope you are enjoying a great day! Hugs!

  3. I loved the pictures. You are a handsome bunch. :):) What glorious fun you all had together. I remember my fun evenings of dressing and going out with my parents...always loved that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Oh Susie..you are TOO sweet! Thank you! I remember that too...the memory of parents and going out on the town! Oh those were sweet days....Hugs and blessings to you too!!!

  4. Such lovely photos of all of you, Betsy! I know what you mean about having the children all to ourselves. Priceless, just priceless. Have a great day basking in your wonderful memories. ♥

    1. You are so very kind and sweet Martha Ellen! I so love having you visit! I hope you are enjoying a great September week! Big hugs!

  5. What a sweet few days with your daughter; I can see great fun was had by all.

    1. Hi Terra! Yes, we had a marvelous visit..just too short! How is your month going? Are you decorating for fall? I so appreciate your visit today...have a great week!

  6. I'm so glad you had time with your girl, Betsy! Its the best isn't it?

  7. You have so many wonderful places to go to there. Looks like everyone had a great time. Who is the oyster eater in the family? -Jenn

  8. Hi Betsy,

    Your breakfast looks delicious and healthy, too! Such good pictures you took, and it looks like a good time was had by all. I bet your daughter was thrilled to be home where she could be pampered and do some special things with you all. So glad she could visit on her own, and maybe you could make this an annual thing.

    I hope you're having a good week! :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  9. Oh, my!!! What a wonderful time y'all had and the photos took us right along with you!!!

  10. How fun. It's fun seeing some shots of Dallas. I'm glad that you had a great time with your daughter.


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