August 19, 2016


I love to give books as a surprise gift
when visiting Miss M or to just
send off to my sister, Miss Judy
to let her know I am thinking of her.
Along with the books, I enclose
a DIY book mark that just adds
a personal touch of whimsy!

It's just fun to take left over
scrapbooking papers and see
what little designs you can create!
Today it was my obsession with owls...
(I am always thinking of fall and decorating
for the holidays, aren't you?)


This first book review is all about
a long time friendship which
takes place in my home town of
Jackson, Mississippi.
The author is Amy Conner who
currently resides in New Orleans, but
grew up in Jackson. I knew it was going to be
"must read" for me!

It's just a breezy little novel of Southern women
and their long term friendship....it's a page turner for sure!
There is a sense of responsibility and always
striving to do the right thing throughout the story...
there are nods to everything I grew up with...
Ole Miss, Fortification Street and of course
the best descriptions of southern foods!
What's not to love here!!


The second novel is by Karen White, 
a New York Times best-selling author 
who currently resides over in Atlanta!

I'll just bet you can finish this book in one afternoon...
yes, it's THAT good!
Again, it's about the culture of the South,
the powerful bond of family woven into
an incredible moving story.......
it all takes place in the Mississippi Delta!
I love reading about someone who returns 
to their home in which they grew up and begins 
to unravel all the secrets kept in their family for generations...
we all have them.
It begins in Indian Mound, Mississippi..
Whatever it was that drove her away from home
was never stronger than the pull of what
brought her back...that memory of the old house
and the stories within......

What's in your reading corner today?


  1. Your book markers are amazing! Both books sound wonderful. Louis Dean and I are finishing up a biographhy of Henry Fonda before we start Eve by Wm. Paul Young. I have a number of books I'm reading and I need to settle down and finish them one by one!

    1. Thank you Linda! Are you painting for fall? Cannot wait to see all your décor! I have so many thoughts swirling about...such a grand time isn't it? Have a great weekend!

  2. Just finished Karen White's lastest one, Flight Patterns and loved it. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Katie....I love, love, love your book reviews! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  3. I love to read about what everyone is reading. I seem to always find authors and books that I haven't heard of. So many books and so little time! I love owls and think your owl book marks are the cats pajamas! :) Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Good Morning Snap! I also love to see what books are recommended by others! It can open up a whole new world! And..you are right...so little time! Thank you for stopping by today and your sweet, sweet comments! Have a lovely weekend love!

  5. Those sound like good books. I'll have to see if our library has them!

    Those book marks are great!

  6. I can tell you this, Betsy, I have been in the market for bookplates and there is nothing on the market, that I have found, this beautiful.

    1. Oh Vee...thank you! That is SO sweet of you to say! It's fun to sometimes create your own right? Big hugs!

  7. Where did you get the owl paper? It is darling. I love owls. The books look fantastic.

    1. Hello Katie! I made these by using very old scrapbooking papers I have had. You can probably look at craft stores for something similar! Hope you add these books to your library! They are so enjoyable! Have a great week!


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