July 10, 2016


Thank you Leo!
Be still my heart......

Ah yes....another year older...
As a rule, I DO NOT like my birthday...
I am ever so grateful to be blessed with another day
good health, with a beautiful loving family...I am so grateful!
So, this was a GREAT day made possible by my family
sweet friends!
The darling took me to lunch at Modern Market...
soooo delicious!
I had Hibiscus tea for the first time!
In the end...birthdays are fun....
I love seeing how others celebrate their own special day.
I recorded some of the best highlights of
this birthday in July, 2016!

The Divine Miss M always
presents me with THE most beautiful cards!
I just have to frame this one!

She knows what I love...
an entire beautiful gift bag filled with the soft scents
from Bath and Body...
Oh yes....a hot bubble bath is calling my name.....

In the late afternoon,
we headed out to son # 2's beautiful country home
for a cookout!

Even though they had attended
Weatherford's Peach Pedal Festival very early that morning,
he hosted a fabulous birthday party and cookout!

Miss Catherine watching the grill master at work!

Oh yes, honey..these are going to be SO good.....

Would you just look at this masterpiece
of a birthday cake from HEB...
White Chocolate with Raspberry filling....
oh my, my......
This was probably worth turning another year older.....

I must admit it is nice 
when they sing...
Happy Birthday to you......

and....trick candles no less.....

the tiniest little candles you ever did see.....

Time to cut the cake.....

We can all testify that the bakery at HEB
honeychild...this was wedding cake worthy! 

Yes....my darlings...
we ate half the cake!

Cat sent us home with some of these
delicious Texas peaches....
I feel a peach pie or cobbler coming on.....

Headed home with this beautiful Texas sunset....

Hello Fort Worth...
you beautiful city!

My beautiful birthday roses
from Greg and Jenn!
A beautiful shade of peach!
Thank you all for making this day 
very, very special!


  1. Happy birthday !!! Is it today, or was it the 9th? Very close to mine which is the 15th. That cake looks so beautiful. And so do you, no matter what your age! -Jenn

  2. Oh Jenn....you are SO kind and sweet! Thank you love...it was the 9th...getting to be an old lady....but...still trying to stay young at heart! You're a July birthday baby too? Good to know...please share with you how you plan to celebrate your special day!

  3. "Happy Birthday to you." Love the first photo of birthday girl and her cake. Gorgeous.

  4. A beautiful lady deserves a beautiful birthday. Your day looked heavenly. Happy birthday. It's my g.son's birthday and tomorrow is my sister's. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you so very much Susie...best birthday wishes to your darling grandson and your sister! Hugs!!!

  5. Thank you Deb! I certainly appreciate your visit today! Have a lovely week and please kiss those precious kitties for me!

  6. Happy Birthday, Betsy! A beautiful gal deserves a beautiful day! (Wait. The entire family ate half the cake? Heavens! I could eat half the cake all by myself! =D )

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Betsy! You look gorgeous! We are blessed to grow older as it is not a given to all. Your cake, gifts, and lovely family rewarded you royally! That cake surely would be gone around our home! I hope this will be your best year ever! xo ♥

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!!! My mantra is to always eat cake but on your birthday, eat LOTS of cake!!!
    That one was gorgeous. You were surrounded by love.....and it's grand!

  9. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  10. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday sweet Betsy! Looks like it was a wonderful day! I'm in Austin this weekend visiting my younger daughter - I know you can relate.


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