July 21, 2016


We have a date....
in November..
It's our wedding anniversary
we have just discovered
a hidden gem!

Miss Catherine attended a bridal luncheon
at Mitas Hill last weekend and
just happened to leave her cell phone behind.
So the darling and I offered to drive out
and pick it up for her!
This is very close to our home
would you believe we had no idea this gorgeous winery
was even here!
This turned out to be a delightful
discovery for us, so we plan to return
for an afternoon in October
and have a date for our anniversary in November!
Just look at how lovely the ground are!!!

This is their steakhouse...
Please reserve the table in front of the fireplace for me....

Hey...who needs Napa Valley?
We have our own gorgeous winery
within a minutes drive in the great state of Texas!

We drove out in the countryside to locate the winery
and passed some gorgeous country estates!
This particular home caught my eye...
the most magnificent trees ever!

This home sits at the end of a road
and is just the most beautiful picturesque setting!

Oh, how I would love to sit on their porch 
with a glass of sweet tea!!

We met them for dinner to deliver
the missing cell phone
which is a barbecue place halfway between the two of us!

This is Hard 8!
They catered Nick and Cat's wedding reception!
What a delicious way to end the day!

You just have to luv Texas!

What new places have you discovered near your home recently?


  1. Ohhh look at that lovely house!!!

    No Dear, not right in front of fireplace. It would be too warm. I know from experience, from great restaurants here. :-) A wee bit to the side, so you still have a view of the fireplace, but are not "roasted." ,-)

    What a lovely place, to look forward to, for your Nov. Anniversary!

    Our Ann. is in Nov. too. Ours will be our 58th.

    Stay cool hugs,

  2. You commented, that you look forward to my "rants"!?!?!? You do!!!!!

    But you never rant. Why would you look forward, to mine????????????

    "Flabbergasted" Tessa

  3. This is crazy!! I JUST heard about this vineyard last weekend!!!!! My kids were talking about it and that they had plans to go....I wasall...WHA???? Why hasn't anyone ever told me about this place before????
    You can bet this will be one of my "girlfriend getaway" places...SOON!!

  4. The fabulous winery, BBQ place and that country home. I would want to stay overnight at the winery, I think the sign said "lodge".

  5. What a lovely place to celebrate your anniversary, Betsy! It's wonderful to discover places close to home that are new to us. The beautiful home is so grand. Wouldn't that be nice if it were a bed and breakfast? So lovely. And that barbecue looks delicious and so Texas! Enjoy your weekend, dear one. ♥

  6. Gorgeous winery and vineyards, Betsy!! This reminds me very much of one of our favorite wineries very near where my parents live. They also have the rose bushes, and we were told that the rose bushes let the vintners know if there's is a disease on the vines because it shows up on the rose bushes first. I thought they were just for decoration. :)

    That house is a charmer, Betsy! Love that fence and that wonderful porch; it looks so shady and peaceful. I'm glad you've found such a perfect place to go for your anniversary celebration; we look forward to reading all about it. :-D

    Have a good weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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