May 4, 2016


Megan Wargula is an INSPIRATION!
She offers...HOPE!
Megan has taken her love and compassion for dogs
to make their lives better and safer through her writing.

Let's meet this lovely friend of the Divine Miss M......

Megan Wargula is a self-proclaimed “dog nerd” – the kind of person who knows the dogs in her neighborhood better than their humans! A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Megan has always loved animals! When not at her day job as a graphic designer, Megan spends the rest of her time writing and enjoying life with her husband and dogs, Finlay and Riley.

Her new book, 
is her first novel and is self-published!

Our lovely daughter,
Miss M
took a Saturday afternoon, along with the darling neighbor twins,
Aubrey and Olivia
to the book signing for Megan's new novel.
Miss M knew that Miss Aubrey
 (the cute little red-head in the back seat)
was an avid reader and shared a love of animals
with Megan. She had recommended Megan
obtain some feedback from Aubrey while writing her story,
as the middle school age group was her target audience.
The two did indeed correspond with each other
during the rough drafts of her novel. 

These two were SO EXCITED to meet Megan
discuss the details of her book.
Megan was JUST as excited to meet them too! 
Now I ask cute are these little
Georgia peaches?
Even though they are twins,
they are so very talented in their own interests and hobbies...

Just what is the storyline?
Remember when you were about this age
 and The Wonderful World of Disney
would be shown on Sunday evening...
all those heart-warming tales of animals
and young children...
you cried, you laughed and you felt compassion......
well Riley Carson does the same.....

Riley Carson and The Cherokee Caves is a middle-grade adventure novel set in historic Roswell, Georgia. Author, Megan Wargula is passionate about dogs and was determined to figure out how to make a difference for them.  Megan decided to write stories that would both educate and entertain people of all ages…and Riley Carson was born!

Megan is a fan of history and the paranormal which is part of the reason she loves the town of Roswell, Georgia so much. Many of the places in the book are real, so plan your visit!
Roswell is a charming little community outside of Atlanta..
chocked full of quaint boutiques and bistros! 

Megan gave honorable mentions to all
those sweet children who gave her such
marvelous feedback,,,,Aubrey included!

They each received a signed copy
of Megan's novel, along with Luke and Luke's school library,
thanks to Miss M!

After such an exciting event,
Miss M treated them to Chick Fil A' milkshakes..

A must-read for dog lovers, this is an adventure novel with a purpose.

A portion of the profits will be donated to animal welfare groups.
Megan's novel can be purchased on the website below
and also on Amazon!


  1. Amazing books for young readers! Thank you for sharing, XOXO

  2. What adorable girls...and I think this book would be a wonderful gift for some of the dog lovers in our family....thanks so much for introducing us to this writer.

  3. Such cute Georgia peaches is right, Betsy. It sounds like a great book for animal lovers. I always love to hear about new authors. ♥


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