May 15, 2016


It's been a busy weekend folks!
I love weekends when our social schedule is full
which means we are usually getting together
with at least one of the kiddos!

Before I get into describing our fabulous dinner,
I wanted to mention my daylilies growing in our backyard garden.
It has taken them TWO years to finally bloom,
so I am over the moon happy to see these beautiful peach blossoms!
It brightens up Tucker's memorial stone, which is fantastic!

So....Son #2 treated us to an afternoon
and evening of delicious food!
Oh honey....it was beautiful weather......
we sat our by the pool and 
caught up with each other.
Son #1 came too!
Catherine had prepared her
Jalapeno bacon deviled eggs
and served up
fresh corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, twice baked potatoes,
Rosemary Bread and Nick
grilled up some fantastic steaks!
Roll....me in to bed after that bounty of meal!
This was all in honor of
Mother's Day, which they missed
since they were on a mini work trip
down in Galveston!
Their home looked beautiful
so I was very amiss at not taking a single photo!!!

They presented me with a new garden cherub
I found just the right spot for her in the front flower bed!
Isn't she just precious??

Their beautiful front yard inspired both the darling and me
so we are adding new daylilies to the front beds that encircle our trees!

It may be a tad late to plant these bulbs
but I certainly look forward to seeing
them bloom year after year!

 And yes....we followed up their fabulous dinner
with a white chocolate strawberry pie...
always requested by the boys!

Jenn has been decorating their foyer with her
forever love of beach decor!
I love how she incorporated her wedding
photos in with BoBo swimming in our pool!

Vignettes can be very challenging to pull together
and I think she did an amazing job!
It's Pier One worthy, don't you agree?
I love to visit someones home and it is 
instantly clear what their passions and interests are!
It's what creating a home is all about....
family and reminders of what brings you happiness!

Speaking of happiness...
it's always clear who brings happiness and joy
over in Atlanta!

The silly antics of a fun eight year old...
ole' Luke the Duke!
I miss him SO MUCH...
on the countdown to June until we can visit!

What a better way to end this weekend post,
by kisses through the window!
His Momma is always his BEST GIRL!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Your flowers are (and will be) beautiful. And that dessert.... -Jenn

  2. How long have I been calling you Estelle??? How did I not know you were Betsy!!Any way the strawberry pie looks positively delish. Boy, do I miss that TX weather! Have a great week!

  3. Oh that dinner sound so delicious. Especially the magnificent pie!!!!!!!

    And lovely peach day lilies. Love any color, but the usual orange. ,-)

    Happy Monday!


  4. You have the most thoughtful children, Betsy! What a wonderful dinner you enjoyed--That pie is winner and so pretty. Daylilies are one of my favorite bloomers and your peach ones are gorgeous! Such cute photos of Luke and his Mom. Have a wonderful evening. ♥

  5. Your day lilies are beautiful--love the peachy color. I just planted some Foxglove in Peach; must be the new color this year! That strawberry pie looks so good that my mouth is watering. What a great evening you had, XOXO


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