April 3, 2016


Good Sunday Morning!
THIS, my darlings, has been a weekend to spend outdoors!
Morning coffee is being enjoyed on the patio as
the sun rises over the greenbelt!

It is THE most lovely time to greet the day
and just be still...
listen to the birds asking for birdseed
hear the bubbling pool water! 
TODAY is a
"Sun Day!"

We have been working on our outdoor living space
so today, I am showing our patio update..
still in progress!

I just LOVE our new outdoor rug!
I looked at SO many before I chose this one.
It is so beautiful, I almost wanted to keep this inside.
If I ever decide to change out the colors,
then a neutral tone will go beautifully with 
another color palette!

I chose vibrant summer colors
for our Texas home.
Actually the darling selected this deep persimmon color.
He did a great job since I think it accents the
color of the brick so well.

We arranged the furniture so that wherever you are sitting,
each person has a lovely view of the greenbelt
each is open to the warmth of the chiminea.

This was so comfortable,
I had to force myself inside to 
do a few household chores.

I chose different sets of accent throw pillows
am pretty happy about how they came together.

I try to always have a touch of 
blue and a reminder of our beach trips.
"When you wish upon a Starfish"

I believe this is the perfect place
to relax with a cold glass of iced tea,
prop your feet up and read a good book!

I love how you can also use an 
ottoman for extra seating or
a side table.

A lovely place to sit and soak up all that filtered Vitamin D!

As we were sitting here yesterday afternoon.
watching the world go by,
it brought back such sweet memories
of sitting on Grandmother's front porch....

The azaleas are blooming 
which brings me back to Jackson
and Mother and Daddy's beautiful yard
chocked full of azaleas, camellias and roses.

Don't you love selecting accent pieces
that add such a refreshing touch.
I am loving these outdoor solar lanters!

We added two bronze tea light lanterns
to the redwood pergola posts.
These are from the Ellen DeGeneres line.

After working in the yard all day,
it sure feels good to relax during the cocktail hour.....

Time to fire up the grill
for steak and corn on the cob!

I could not capture his picture very well, 
but Mr. Cardinal was a vibrant pop of red overhead!
My lawd, he is a beautiful little creature!


We never take for granted the time we can
spend together and are able to have
sunshine on our shoulders.
Now, it's onto planting the pots!
That is a chore for another weekend,
but one we love!

Happy Sunday Y'all!


  1. What a beautiful relaxing spot you have there. I love the colours you have chosen. Send a little of your weather my way, please! -Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn! I love hearing from you and so appreciate your visit today! I would love to send some warm days and sunshine your way! Have a lovely week!

  2. we are just beginning to work on our outside area...about to erect a pergola in the next few weeks (I hope) , add a porch swing and a beautiful outdoor rug..I LOVE yours.
    Your space is wonderful....enjoy your together time out there....

    1. Hey Miss BJ! Thank you for stopping by today! I know your outdoor living area is going to gorgeous and just full of those vibrant colors you love! Can't wait to see your new design! Happy decorating love!

  3. Those two bronze tea light lanterns... Bet they will be soooooo pretty, at night!!!!

    Do you live on a corner? We do, and if we didn't have the pool, where it is, our patio would look out, in the direction of a street.

    Everything is simply great!!! You have laid out everything, perfectly.

    Enjoy your sun. We have snow today, and are in a wee cold spell, for a couple of days. Spring has fled! In the nutty NE! :-)

    Spring Time hugs,

    1. Thank you so much Tessa! I think we are going to really enjoy this space now that we have finally gotten around to dressing it up! I love being outdoors don't you? Of course, you are still enjoing the last of old man winter...wishing you warmer days very soon! Big hugs!!!

    2. So sorry, I forgot to answer you Tessa...we do have a corner lot and love it! Our view is so very pretty and we feel fortunate to have this!

  4. Betsy, everything looks so lovely on your patio! I just love the colors and the accent pillows. Your rug is so nice. I have one on my patio and it makes it so nice on hot summer days. It sure makes it feel more like another room. Your solar lanterns are are gorgeous. You have a beautiful space to enjoy! ♥

    1. You are SO sweet Martha Ellen! I think the rug will help during those 100 degree Texas summer days just as you said! I would love to see what you came up with on your outdoor space too! I appreciate your visit as always! Have a lovely, lovely week ahead! Hugs!

  5. Estelle... your killing me. It snowed last night and we are expecting more tomorrow. I MISS TEXAS!!!! Have a nice warm week! :(

    1. I know how that is Katie...I simply could not adjust to those long winters and waiting until May for spring to finally be in bloom. It is indeed beautiful here in Texas! I am most certain Texas misses you also!!

  6. HI Betsy! Oh, your new patio furniture looks so pretty! You have your patio looking so beautiful! I think we're going to buy some new pieces this year. Love the bright color too. Enjoy your beautiful place and the weather.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thank you Shelia! It certainly has been enjoyable just relaxing outdoors...have a beautiful week!!!

  7. Hi Betsy, Love your new header photos. You have a beautiful sitting area. Plus wonderful sights to take in while relaxing. Blessings for many lovely days sitting outside. xoxo,Susie

    1. Hi Susie! I hope you are loving your spring season! Everything is such a vibrant green. Have a great week and thank you so much for stopping by today and your sweet comments! Hugs!

  8. It's beautiful. I would love a patio like yours. I think the lanterns are my favorite.

  9. Your patio looks so nice and inviting. I still have our things in the garage store for winter. Cannot wait to get them out.


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