March 30, 2016


Good Morning Texas!
I love catching the sunrise out my kitchen window!
It can often be a stunning view!

My bunny collection seems to grow!
It's not quite like putting away Christmas decor,
but it does take awhile to bring all the spring and Easter upstairs!
Mae seems to find any folded quilt or blanket to take her place of privilege!

I just had to share Halee's little Easter dress!
Halle is Cat's niece......
Isn't this just precious?
She is learning early that a strand of pearls is
the perfect accessory for southern belle!

Miss Abbie spent a week in St. Augustine, Florida
with a few good friends!
She is definitely a beach girl...has been since she was tiny!

Loved this picture she sent to me at
Bubba Gump's Seafood House!
What a perfect Forest Gump!

Over in Atlanta...
baseball commands the weekend schedule of events!
Little guys are so cute in their sports outfits!
Don't you wish you could listen in on their conversation?

 Oh lawd...
Miss Emily has captured Luke's heart...
at least for this week! 

Now...prepare yourself...
can you understand Math these days???...
this is FIRST GRADE!!!!!

Oh baby, baby...
Mr. Jay has a new beauty in his driveway!
This reminded me of the time Daddy bought Mother
a new Chevrolet convertible!
We LOVED that car!

They surprised Luke!
I think he thought this was one sweet ride!!!

Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!!

Until next time.......
smile and the world smiles with you!!


  1. Fun was had, by all!!!!

    And it was captured wonderfully, in photos. Which is wonderful, isn't it?

    But then, not all of us, are as amazing with a camera, as you and your family is. :-)

    And of course, thank you for the pic of darling Miss Mae!


  2. OOOOPS! "Not all of US..." "are as amazing" " you and your family ARE..."

    Gracious, but I hate to make mistakes with grammar like that!!!!.. One must remember the rules, and they are pretty simple. :-)

    And no, I never taught any of this, my major was Business Ed. But I still seem to be hung up on grammar.



  3. What beautiful times your family is enjoying, Betsy! Each photo exudes love and joy! Have a great evening. ♥

  4. That is quite the ride! Wowie!

    Everyone looks happy and healthy!

  5. What wonderful spring time memories you and your family are creating!
    So much fun!

  6. What a wonderful family you have, Betsy. I enjoyed browsing through all your pictures today. I didn't realize you were a Texas gal. I have a few blog friends from Texas, and they have so much energy and live life with zest.



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