March 14, 2016


What a great spring weekend everywhere!!!

"Exactly what's in this big box??"

"OMG! I had no idea WE had all these toys!"

"Hey....are there any good balls in there??"

How does she do it?
Without any tending to whatsoever,
this looks stunning after months of winter weather!

It took one full Saturday,
but the trimming and planting has been completed.
Now we just sit back and wait for the beauty to unfold......

Inside, Easter is on parade.....

How I love that Miss M has 
her Great Grandmother Estelle's hobnail pedestal plate!

Luke the Duke spent the weekend in Huntsville
for a Boy Scout retreat at the Nasa Space Camp!
This has proven to be a fantastic experience for him!

It turned into a lovely weekend here in Texas.
After a full week of rain...
the sun came out
on Saturday! I told Rob we need to take a selfie
just to show he WAS actually here for a little while.
Always a full social schedule, 
as he was off to a wedding
in Fort Worth! 

Saturday was a delightful treat,
as we hosted Miss Abbie and No.2 son
for a spend the night and steak dinner!
They were up in our area for a volleyball tournament!

It was a lovely time to catch up with their lives..
school, work, and social activities!

We are ever so proud of our one and only granddaughter!
She is as pretty inside and she is outside....
she makes me laugh and we share many, many special times!

A new fragrance...
and it's heavenly!
What did y'all do this weekend?
Whatever it was...I hope you made some good memories!


  1. I can tell by the way your granddaughter is sniffing that candle that the scent is marvelous! Loved the series of toybox photos! So cute with both behinds bending in. =D

  2. It's been Spring here too! I can just about smell that candle; Lemon Sugar Cookie, what could be more delightful, XOXO

  3. Precious photos, all. {But, -pout-, none of Miss Mae... -pout- :-)))))))}

    The boy and his dog pics are so great of course.

    And more, of your family.

    Oh my, Lemon Sugar Cookie candle! Purrrrrfect! :-))))

    Happy Spring hugs,

  4. Your granddaughter is such a beauty! My favorite seasons in TX are Spring and Fall. Love your selfie!!

    1. Thank you so much Katie. It is just delightful right now! Have a great week!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely weekend and that the weather is spring-like there. I love candles and am looking for a nicely scented one for spring. I must make a visit to B&BW soon. ;) Have a lovely week! Pam

    1. Oh yes..please let me know which ones you choose Pamela. Have a great week!

  6. What a beautiful family you have, Betsy!

    Spring is looking good in both Atlanta and Texas! I love lemon things and that candle is making me wanting to go out and find one!

    1. Cannot wait to see your photos of your beautiful home all dressed for spring and Easter Deanna! Big hugs!!!

  7. very sad times here in this part of Texas....Cypress river in Uncertain Tx. Flooding. Our lake house is 2 inches away from getting inside our house, which is built 15 ft off the ground. Our pool is underwater and all valuables stored under the house are ruined. So yeah..even tho it was my grandson's 4th birthday party weekend and the whole family was in...it was bittersweet.
    What does this family do in adversity??? We cooked 71 lbs of crawfish and tried to forget what was happening!

    1. Oh jmac...I am SO sorry to hear this. I love that you celebrated in a big way after such distressing times. Hugs to you and your family! Stay safe!

  8. That ONE granddaughter is as beautiful as she is special! Louis Dean and I are sitting outside on our deck this tonight enjoying this PERFECT weather! More rain is coming!

    1. Let's enjoy this sunshine while we can Linda. I am so sorry to read about your fallen tree limb! Been there and done that!! Thank you for your sweet comment on our Miss Abbie. We have much to be thankful for don't we? Hugs and blessings!


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