December 18, 2015


I had the pleasure of attending
Miss Linda's
Annual Christmas Tea this week...

OK...let me tell...
Linda is THE cutest, sweetest Texas gal
you will ever meet!
Her home is every bit as festive and warm
as her heart!


I felt like a child that had fallen into the rabbit hole....
there were lights and decorations everywhere.
I could hardly take it all in!
I was so happy to finally meet my all time favorite
Texas blogger and neighbor after all this time!
Her daughters are lovely and precious too..
not to mention her darling quad grandchildren...
adorable beyond measure!

I also came home with slices of her
Kentucky Butter Cake, which is now on
my Christmas Eve list!
Her lovely home inspired me to 
bring out a few more decorations.....
Thank you Linda for being such a fabulous hostess!!

Right down Santa Claus lane......
Such Merry Gentlemen!

Art by Susan Winget....

In the foyer....

The tiny woodland Santa....

Now this beautiful Santa is one of my all time favorites!
His leopard print coat is so representative of the way we 
Texas girls love to decorate!
I bought him years ago in Arlington, Texas
at Decorator's Warehouse!
The glitzy reindeer was a purchase I made in Maine! 
They greet you as you enter our home dressed up for Christmas!
I love them!

Biting the bows......

December seems to have just flown by....
can you believe we have just a few days left until
we celebrate Christmas, 2015?

The kitchen bar.....

Maepole being a Christmas kitty!
I simply adore those kitty toes......

I am making the darling Chicken Spaghetti
and Hershey Brownies today....his request!

I am also doing a little DIY
homemade holiday gift tags!

We have company coming for the weekend
and we are downtown Christmas shopping....
plus, the grandchildren are spending the night!!!
I am a happy Maine Grandma!

I have loved seeing all your Christmas treasures...
enjoy the season and your loved ones! 


  1. I have so enjoyed your blog this Christmas. And that woodland Santa...oh my! "Hi Mae"

    1. Hi Deb....I am glad you stop by for a visit and have enjoyed the Christmas posts! I know you are still missing your beautiful Kane...it's just so hard. Wishing you a lovely and very special Christmas! Kiss the kitties!

  2. It was PERFECT that you were my first guest for this year's tea! I am so enjoying the lovely goodies you gave me! That candle! Oh, my!!
    What an amazing collection of Santas! I especially love the one with the leopard print coat! I have an angel in a leopard print gown with black feathers I totally forgot about! She lives year round in one of the doll cases in the living room! I will get her out today! There's always room for just one more decoration!!
    Merry Christmas, Betsy!

    PS.......I just KNEW you would love that cake!!

    1. LOL...yes, of course...butter and rum....a perfect combo! Just wish I had been able to taste LD's chicken salad! Maybe next time....take a picture of that angel...sounds so pretty! Now, an angel in leopard print....that's unique! Y'all have a great weekend! So glad you like the candle...me too!

  3. Betsy, I love that you met Linda...but I have to say I was somewhat enious. LOL. Bless your heart. I think your decorations are very pretty. I adore the plaid tags and the Gibson girls. So funny your cat biting the bows. I kind of miss cat hi-junks around here. Blessings for a fabulous weekend, xoxo,Susie

    1. She is darling Susie! I am blessed to know her! Thank you for visiting today and I wish you a lovely December weekend! Big hugs!

  4. Well I will tell you what I told Linda...I am nearly green because you were able to meet her and that she was able to meet you! Aren't blog meetings great?! Your home looks so beautifully Christmasy. I thank you for sharing your Christmas treasures for us. Now I think I need some rum...I have brandy. Would that work?

  5. LOL...Brandy always works my darling....of course! In fact. Linda and I spoke about you....we decided that YOU were the one that brought us together through blogging! Lovely thoughts of Vee....glad you enjoyed the Christmas decor!

  6. How wonderful for you both! I think blogging has brought me some very special ladies into my life! You are a joy and you do such a splendid job of decorating and making all things special!
    Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. I just found Linda's blog this year and I love her! I am so happy you got to go to her tea! What a treat! I saw you said you found each other through Vee, that's how I found both of you too! I am the lucky one who has meet Vee in person! She is so kind and genuine! I adore her and John!

    Your home is so beautiful and I can tell you love it and your family in the way you care for them and the way you speak of them!

    I love Miss Mae too!

    Merry, Merry Christmas, Betsy!



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