November 9, 2015


The Autumn season...it dwindles far too quickly.
As my sister and I were having one of our long conversations this week.
we both agreed to savor each minute of the day.
Let's not jump into Christmas just yet...
November has so many special days to gift to us.
kitties in sunbeams!

Scarlet leaves.....
soon to be gone with the wind.....

I love to notice fall color where I can find it...
a rare sighting in Texas....
this is right in my own back yard!

I think only nature can provide us with these perfect colors...
chestnut browns, warm rusts, and again...the perfect red!

Daddy's garden angel always provides a place for peace 
She has lived in the gardens
Mississippi, Texas and Maine!

The fattest of the pumpkins,,,
waiting for Thanksgiving Day!

Our little dish garden of peace

I believe we need some Mums....
oh yes....all the colors of Autumn!

The kitchen is warm and smells of bread baking...
the way to his heart.

It's all about
Harvest and Harmony!


  1. I hear you! We've had so much rain lately, though, and I wish I could be outside more enjoying Fall. It's definitely my favorite season.

  2. Especially love the pics of Miss Mae Mobley. :-)

    She has the right attitude... Down pat...

  3. A beautiful post, Betsy! I think we often hurry through November just to get into the Christmas season. I can remember as a kid SO looking forward to Thanksgiving. It was one of only three times a year my little country grandmother came to our home for a family get-together. She made the most amazing pies and I was lucky enough to get her favorite pie dish and I treasure it. Blessings to you and thanks for the reminder to Slow Down! xo Diana

  4. Such lovely color! Hope it hangs on for a while. Ours is almost completely gone. I hear you about Christmas. I plan to keep it from creeping any further than it already has unless I am saving time, in which case, all promises are off.

  5. I am so with you on this one......relishing the calm, quiet and relaxing days of November. No rush to cook and entertain. A clean house that stays clean for more than a day at a time. Slowly making lists for Turkey Day and perusing new recipes.....ahhhhhh, yes - I do love the crisp, colorful days of Fall!

  6. Hello, I enjoyed the sweet kitty cat napping...
    I made your Beer Bread yesterday, it was amazing, I thank you so much for it my whole family loved it!
    I will have to share it one day! So good and crunchy.
    Hugs, Roxy


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