September 2, 2015


Pie makes a statement.
A mincemeat pie says, "It's Autumn!"

This is Estelle's semi-homemade answer to creating a pie filled with apples and raisins.....
which I learned to make from both Grandmothers and Mother too!

Pie for breakfast?....always.....

My Ole Miss Home Economics professor, Mrs. Williams,
always insisted we create a centerpiece from
whatever we had on hand.
So.....save your glass jar and create a lovely little table accent! 

This is a simple delicious recipe
that will quickly become a family favorite!

It's even better served warm with vanilla ice cream...
until Blue Bell is back in the freezer,
we are going topless! 

Almost everyone has fond memories of this old-fashioned dessert....
it takes me back to Grandmother's kitchen in Autumn.....

Add the finishing touches.....

Before baking, brush with an egg wash,
sprinkle crust with sugar and dust with cinnamon.

It's fun to receive pleasure from cooking and entertaining for your family! 


  1. Is Mincemeat in jars, out in your stores...? We usually see it, come Christmas holiday time. And my husband loves a Mincemeat Pie!

    I would too, but can't eat my home made crust. -pout- And G/F crusts are not wonderful.

    Yes, the jars are wonderful to re-use. I save all such jars, and put all sorts of things, in them, in my pantry.

    Soon have to worry about little critters coming inside. :-( And glass keeps everything safe!!!

    1. Yes, I can find it all year round in the bakery isle Tessa. I love glass jars for all kinds of things....learned that from my grandmother! I know a homemade mincemeat pie will be perfect with touches of fall around your home! Big hugs for a lovely weekend ahead!

  2. Oh mercy that looks great! Blue Bell should be here any minute now. :)

  3. Now you've done it......taken me back to my daddy's arms!! He LOVED mincemeat pie and the only time my mom would make it was during the holidays. He would eat the whole pie, happy that no one else ever ate any. Why? because he told all of us kids that it was made with real "meat"....therefore we didn't touch it and he had the whole thing to himself! hahahaha.....haven't thought of that in years....sniff, sniff.
    And guess what? one of our son's friends is coming this weekend from Houston and is bringing as many gallons of Blue Bell as he can fit into his ice chest!!!! WoooooHoooooo......my hubs is counting down the minutes!!!

    1. Oh how I just love this memory of your Daddy! You are a lucky girl to have Blue Bell back in your home....isn't it wonderful that they are back up and running! Y'all have a terrific fun-filled weekend!

  4. You'll have that pie eaten and ready for another one by the time Blue Bell gets in your grocer., Great excuse for two of them.

    1. HI Latane!! That is probably a true statment. I believe Blue Bell has millions of supporters. What a great American made, familly owned business! I hope you are enjoying some cooler temps where you are...hugs!


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