August 10, 2015


What is your Autumn Inspiration?

 I found mine....
in the happiness and beauty of Sunflowers.
I have been trying to decide what
tablescape I would like to create
as September approaches us.
Nothing seemed to excite me and I feel it is a bit
too early for the pumpkins yet,
seeing as how both Atlanta and Texas
are in those HOT last days of summer.
I found them....
Sunflowers....of course!

I am so looking forward to arriving back home in Texas
after a wonderful week with The Divine Miss M
and her family.

So....Sunflowers it shall be...
Color me Happy!


  1. Aren't sunflowers gorgeous. Mine are coming to their end now and the seeds will feed our birds. Lovely photos. Deb

  2. I just got back from TX. I'm a big fan of sunflowers too! I think Fall is the prettiest season in TX. Enjoy your week!

  3. Sunflowers are so pretty and just say - autumn is on it's way!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. 106 here today......blech. I am SO OVER SUMMER! I'm tired of walking out of the house gasping for that one breath of humid air to get me to the car that is registering 110. And our sunflower field (5 acres full) did not bloom this yr because of the crazy flooding we had during planting season. THIS WEATHER HAS BEEN CRAZY AND I'M SO OVER IT.....
    Can ya tell I'm too hot to be happy these days???!!!!!

  5. I am with you on the sunflowers! I have most of mine down from the attic and I'm scattering them all over the place! It was only 98 today so I think the 100+ temps are just about over - I hope!!


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