August 28, 2015


I am a follower of our local morning news program here in Texas..
called Good Morning Texas.

As I was listening/watching yesterday morning, the play of
"LYNDON" caught my attention.
It is a one man play acted by Laurence Luckinbill.
Now, I don't know if you remember him, but I certainly did
and was rather excited at an opportunity
to see him perform!

The darling and I love going to the theater,
so we had an imprompt Thursday date night! 

What an interesing theater this is...
it is located in Grand Praire and dates it's beginnings all the way back to 1950.

It's location is not the best area of town,
however we were very pleased to see
how this area and especially the theater
has been restored and is thriving
due to a following of faithful season ticket holders.

This was a somewhat older crowd,
which was to be expected.
The darling and I were only in Junior High School and High School
when Lyndon Johnson was president, so many of the attendees this night
were older than we were.
Many of them knew each other, being frequent patrons of the theater,
so it was rather delightful to "people watch" before the play began
and also during intermission.

Wine and cocktails were being enjoyed before the seating began
and yes, you could take your cocktail into the performance.

As everyone was being ushered to their seats,
I snapped a quick picture...
he quickly told me to STOP!

People watching....

The play was interesting and entertaining. It is amazing to know that Mr. Luckinbill is now 80 years old and still charming, witty and a delightful actor who still performs and acts across the country. The play was written using the own words from President Johnson and covers his early years before entering politics, then transitions into becoming a young politician in the Senate, being the Vice President under Kennedy, taking the oath of office for the presidency on Air Force One, the struggles of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. It is listening to the words of a president telling "his side" of what he faced as President of the United States. There were heartwarming moments of talking with Lady Bird, his daughters, and his sweet little grandson. He admitted to being "rough around the edges." Mr. Luckinbill talked with all of us and graciously and warmly answered questions after the play was over. He was charming and delightful....I am so glad we were in the audience...BRAVO!!


In case you did not know.....
Laurence Luckinbill
has been  married to the lovely
Luci Arnez for the past 35 years!!!


  1. How wonderful your evening was and what a jewel you found with that theater! Louis Dean loves plays! Thank you for the link! I shall look into it and then WE will have a Date Night Destination!

  2. How wonderful your evening was and what a jewel you found with that theater! Louis Dean loves plays! Thank you for the link! I shall look into it and then WE will have a Date Night Destination!

    1. You will love this little theater Linda! The tickets are very reasonably priced..ours were $30 per ticket. The theater is relatively small, so there is not a bad seat in the house and easy to walk about. We so enjoyed it...I love supporting local theaters, don't you? Espeically ones that were from our era and now preserved. We plan to return often! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  3. I was just going to ask you if he was still married to Lucy and then I scrolled down to see the pic. Looks like a fun night. You and your Mr. make a handsome couple.

    1. Why thank you Katie! That is such a lovely thing to say. It was a lovely production and I so admire Mr. Luckinbill in his performance. We were thrilled for the opportunity to meet him! We will definitely return to the Uptown! Big hugs!!

  4. How interesting! Thanks for telling us who the actor is. I was going to have to foogle. Luci is looking beautiful as ever.


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