August 17, 2015


The best night is probably the first night...
our arrival!
The house is always a surprise and this one was just as pleasant as could be.
We knew it was going to hard to top "the wedding house",
but our choice this year was just gorgeous!

First up, unpack the cars and stock the kitchen! 

We set up the wet bar with all kinds of wine, ice down the beer and 
prepare a cocktail for everyone...
then head down to enjoy the sunset
and put our toes in that beautiful soft sand! 

Miss M gets prettier every year...

The feel within your soul is incredible to me....
we wait for this moment and at last, here it is....
we are all here, together...
right at sunset

The weather was about perfect...
ocean breezes and the sound of the waves

You take your chances when you spend a week on the beach...
weather wise, I mean...
it can be rainy, blazing hot....sea weed, jelly fish alert..or hurricane force winds...
this year, we were so fortunate! 

Now I ask you...how simply beautiful is this?

We just so enjoyed the house!

Mr. Wonderful comes alive...
I decided to call him "old Salty" while we were there......

It was just a mere three years ago,
that Greg and Jenn said their "I Do's"
right here on this very beach! 

"Smile Y'all!"

Loving the water....hard to believe we are actually here!

Here it comes....
the family
Fighting Irish Gauntlet

Can you believe I raised these boys?

I think we quickly transitioned into
Vacation Mode!

I think he looks pretty happy....
The stress from work far from his thoughts...

Making childhood memories

At play

A sense of contentment

I love this......

Sweet, sweet Noah

The girlies

I would say this was a pretty successful first night....
A taste of happiness......


  1. So lovely......isn't it just the best when all of your children WANT to play with you?? And in the perfect setting! We go to Gulf Shores every summer......take a look at our trip in May! http://www.constantchatter-jmac.blogspot.com/2015/05/what-every-photographer-does-not-want.html
    And I' must send you the link to the house I've reserved for next summer.....To Die For!!! 9 bedrooms!!! Enough for each family to have their own lil slice of heaven!! will send to your email

    1. I would love to look at your beach trip photos Deb and see what fun y'all had. Wow...you have already reserved your house for next year...now that's something to look forward to!!!

  2. couldn't find your email :(

    I see you do Pensacola. Gulf Shores is an hour closer drive for us and the beaches are beautiful. When you have 6 grandchildren under the age of 6.....that hour is priceless!!!!

    1. We have been to Gulf Shores for many beach trips Deb...we also spent part of our honeymoon there. Pensacola holds a special place in our hearts and has for many years. My sister also resides there so we are able to sneak in a visit or two while we vacation. As long as you have fun with family, they are both wonderful vacation spots!

  3. Marvelous... Wonderful... Lucky all of you.... And wonderful of you, to have gotten them all together... Lovely summer happening... -happy smile-


  4. What a fabulous place to vacation and how nice to be together. I raised 4 sons and wish I could get them all together! Hugs!


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