July 16, 2015


the whimsical creation of 
Patience Brewster’s 
Sugarplum Fairy

"Crimson mingles with gold and russets;
fallen leaves crackle and sweet spices perfume the air;
our memories beckon us home......"

I believe that my memories of Mother's holiday dinners are so much more intense than those of toys and games I received, but that seems true of most people. The exact taste of Daddy's Fruitcake cookies, the sound of beef roasting in its pan, and the smell of evergreen mixed with the scent of cinnamon, cloves and lemon in hot cider, were like the aroma of holy incense burning during the Christmas Eve church service....... so unforgettable. 

It's my favorite time of July...
Yes, it's looking forward to Christmas and anticipating
grand celebrations with the company of family.
Certainly your thoughts are jumping forward to December
as to how you want to adorn your home for the holidays.
Let's put that magical Christmas Whimsy in every corner! 

We all love creating a warm and welcoming home that will
heighten the holiday mood and create happy memories for
those we love that will last them for years to come.

Estelle's hopes to provide you with ideas
that will help you decorate with
things you love and bake seasonal delights
that will soon become your family favorites! 

Of all the ornaments and details that bring charm
grace to our holiday home, it's the Christmas tree
that is most enchanting and captivates the young and 

Red ribbons...some plain, some in festive tartan plaids
twist around the tabletop tree for a holiday garland..
your vintage Victorian Carolers grace the sideboard....

There is always the allure of candles....
they play a very special role at Christmastime,
both for the symbolism of light banishing the dark days of winter
for holiday romance.
What will your imagination hold this year?
Perhaps a dramatic centerpiece of all white candles
in varying heights grouped on your
grandmother's silver serving tray.....
softened with holly boughs and pinecones.

In our home, there is Christmas in every nook and cranny.
Inside, it's amazing how windows, framed mirrors
the fireplace mantel and doorways are outlined in the spirit of the season!
Little ones are too excited to sleep with the anticipation
of Santa arriving on Christmas Eve.

I think it's great to be low-key some years...
I love relying on natural greenery
and using garlands on porch railings,
the holiday wreath on the front door and
evergreens hung on the lanterns.

Don't you adore Christmas Whimsy!!
Little ones love the magic of it all....

So many of our memories are tied to food......
the warm smells filling our homes.
Turkey roasting, nutmeg and ginger as the apple and pumpkin pies bake,
freshly brewed coffee that accompanies dessert....

I love taking a blank space on the wall
and creating something unexpected
which will bring smiles all around.
Perhaps a wall basket filled with candy canes, unlit candles
vintage holiday tins and faux greenery.

For the holiday guests....
fold new fluffy white bath towels at the foot of the bed
which have been tied with red-checked ribbon.
Bring a poinsettia or miniature pine tree into the bedroom,
fill a bedside basket with peppermints and little chocolates...

Holiday movies.....
the old classics....
playing without sound on the TV....
softly play Christmas music while the scenes roll across the screen...
Imagine Miracle of 34th Street
The Bishop's Wife......
with Judy Garland singing
"I'll Be Home for Christmas......."

The four-legged babies...
have lots of brightly colored holiday tissue paper on hand
loosely wrap their treats....
they love to tear into what goodies lie within...
no ribbons please......

The Powder Room....
these rooms deserve a holiday lift always!
I love candles and greenery in
fragrances of pine, eucalyptus and Freesia!
It's also the perfect nook and cranny for
an added touch of Christmas Whimsy!

The fireplace mantel can be the perfect place
to display your heirloom Nativity set or Christmas Village.
Many of us enjoy our seasonal collections of 
Santas,  Snowmen, Snowglobes and Angels.
What's is your theme for this year going to be?
Traditional, Victorian, Holiday Whimsy or perhaps
a Coastal or New Orleans display...?

Traditions......these can be part of the foundation of your family.
Perhaps it's hanging the stockings
or teaching your children about the Nativity...
children love playing with the little figurines of
the Wise Men, the donkey and the camel.....
Do you make it a family affair when decorating the tree....
baking Christmas cookies and serving hot cocoa...

Our holiday traditions are held dear
we hope that we provided a deep sense of the true
meaning of Christmas and the joyfulness of the holidays! 

"Santa is just as real as we imagine him to be...
in our home....he is very, very real indeed!"

What did I fall in love with this year?

Patience Brewster is an award-winning illustrator, known for such children’s books as
 The Merbaby and Too Many Puppies. 

Patience creates all her lovelies in her studio in the
 Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.  
She sketches the whimsical characters that are later brought to life as 

The Nicholas Santa Candelabra
could be yours..enter for a chance to win! 


  1. I am not familiar with the work of Patience Brewster. Thanks for the link and info!

  2. Hi Michelle! Her ornaments are so cute! I think you just may find something you fall in love with and very reasonably priced too! I so appreciate your visit today! Just highlight the link above and right click which will take you to her site! Merry Christmas in July!!

  3. Well that was fun. I LOVE Christmas and will be looking forward to it again this year. Now I'm off to check out your link. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. Hugs, Deb

    1. It is such fun isn't it Deb! The ornaments that Patience designs are adorable...I am so glad you enjoyed the post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Patience is talented with her pretty and light hearted creations. Did you know I co-authored a book full of Christmas tips?

    1. I was not aware of this Terra...I will check this our as we all love Christmas!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your photos alone, bring a beautiful Christmas to mind.

    And your words and admonitions, round it out.

    Of course, you do this every day. And since you can do this, it is your Art.... It would seem that you should write a book. Some version of.... "How To Bring About A Lovely Home".... Have you ever thought about it?

    Yours is an individual view. Not cool and uppity, like Dear Ol' Martha. Not all Country, Country, Country, like others. And you don't scare people away, with the sound of your instructions. They are gentle. They make one think, that they too, might be able to pull such off. :-)

    So, please think and ponder on this... On a book.... To share your lovely ideas, with more than a blogging audience.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Oh you are a dear one....Miss Tessa! This is a huge compliment and I thank you! I fear I could never be a writer....perhaps after a few glasses of wine...my writing would become more romantic!!! I appreciate your visit and kind words....it made my day....hugs back!!

  6. Hi, dear one...loved this. Just came inside from working on flowers and it is almost 90 degrees already this morning.
    Goodness....Christmas hasn't crossed my mind other than ......I am almost finished with my Christmas gifts..

    1. Now BJ....you have nearly finished your shopping? Bravo!!! I think I'm a tad bit jealous....fabulous darling!


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