June 3, 2015


Good Morning....
last week, it was still a rainy day here in Texas! 
It's almost summer......

There was a brief glimpse of sun however
so I used this opportunity
to capture a day lily bloom.
I have not yet planted the pots around the pool and patio yet
due to all of our rain.
I feel I have lost the month of May.
Normally, we would have had a pool party by now.

I know Mae feels gloomy days too....
When she manages to catch a sunbeam,
she relishes the moment.

Ah....clouds are appearing overhead already.

Greg and Jenn are going to be visiting Washington D.C.
in a few weeks
we have been requested to babysit Bo!

I have not yet told Mae that he is going to be our houseguest for about three days...
I can hear the "hisses" now......

Let the fun begin! 

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