May 25, 2015



Yes....more rain for the week is yet to come.
How unusual this is for us,
but with so many of our lakes low or dried up to nothing,
it's a welcome sight for some.

We were introduced to a fabulous restaurant here in Dallas!
Whiskey Cake!
Now this is a very popular night spot, so if you try it, be prepared to wait!
Our wait was an hour and a half, which is not too unusual for a Saturday night.

It was exciting!
A great vibe...with rustic d├ęcor!
Our service was great and the food.....well it's Farm to Table.....DELICIOUS!

This is the OMG Burger.....just look at that HUGE onion ring.....
incredible....I tell you!

And yes....we did all share a piece of the Whiskey Cake.....oh my....
Get "In My Belly good!"

Now....onto a movie recommendation....
This is one of the BEST movies I have seen in a long time!
Incredible cast and the dialogue is perfection!

 I am more in love with Jason Bateman than I have ever been and Tina Fey is just adorable!

This movie is just delightful....you will laugh and you will cry...every single actor is just fabulous!
This is one for the top ten list........I loved it that much! Jane Fonda never looked better!
I plan to watch it again with the darling....
the best script lines .......
Can you tell I loved the movie?

The rain held off last night, so we enjoyed grilling on the patio which is the first time we have been able to do that in weeks. I have a date with the darling to go see, "I'll See You In My Dreams!"
Oh that Sam Elliot....be still my heart...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
A big heartfelt thank you for all those who sacrificed all for our United States!


  1. I do hope ypu are all okay with the flooding rains that parts of Texas is experiencing! The news stories say there have been deaths in some parts.
    Oh, I loved that movie too - such a great cast and storyline.
    Stay safe,

    Joolz xx

    1. We have had days of rain and storms....it seems never ending. Apparently Houston flooded big time....thank you for checking on us Joolz! Big hugs!

  2. I have not heard of Whiskey Cake before but it sounds interesting!!! I love a good movie recommendation! I need to start renting movies at the Red Box thing. I have never done that! Once the movie rental houses went out of business, I quit renting them. I think I shall work up the courage and drive up to one and figure out how it's done! Was 'This is Where I Leave You' a recent release? You can tell I don't get out much lately!!! I must FIX that soon!!!

    1. I would recommend reservations if you try Whiskey Cake Linda....a fun time and the food is great! They are now featuring their summer menu. The movie has been out a while and is currently showing on HBO. It's a wonderful movie! Hope y'all have dried out....this is a month for the memory books isn't it? Stay well and safe..hugs to you and your family!


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