May 26, 2015


A beautiful deck filled with summer florals can make a huge difference toward enjoying your day!
I believe we really lucked out with the weather while visiting Atlanta. While spring rains continued to linger over in Texas, Atlanta was a perfect  82 degrees most days!

We enjoyed evenings on the deck dining out on grilled steaks and grilled marinated gulf shrimp! 

The golf cart path runs beside Miss M's house, so it's rather fun to wave at all the golfers tooling by! 

We were able to catch two of Luke's baseball games. 
He performed beautifully and I believe, 
loved having his Papa and Grandma there! 

Batter up Luke!

This is Coach Andy!


Oh honey, let me tell you the "CUE" had the best BBQ ever! 
We were starved and this hit the spot after the game! 

Just look at this glorious southern plate.....
Pulled BBQ chicken, sweet potato casserole and the most heavenly Mac N' Cheese! 

The darling opted for pulled pork, collard greens (to die for) and baked beans!

Luke was chomping on a fresh ear of sweet corn! 

Finally.....two loose front teeth! 

There go some golfers.......

I believe there was a tournament going on this day....lots of activity! 
This golf course is just beautiful! 

The new garage doors were delivered on Friday! 

We could simply not believe what a fantastic difference this made.
See the window to the left?
This is soon to be a new kitchen entrance....a door will replace the window, along with a deck extension and side porch! Jay is amazing at his carpentry skills!
 I can't wait to see how this turns out. He also added shudders to the side windows above the garage!
 I tell you, his eye for architecture is first rate! 

We all gave our approval for the new updated look! 

Listen up boys....NO, I mean NO balls are to be kicked against these doors!!!!

Time to relax!
Y'all come back for a visit
our trip to Madison will be featured! 


  1. I would opt for Darling's plate anytime. But, then, of course, I'm nuts about collards!! Love those things. And, Madison... one of my favorite little towns to visit. Used to stop by there on our way from Alabama to Va. You two are having a grand time. I can tell.

    1. Oh LaTane...those collard green's were amazing! Thanks for visiting me today!

  2. Thank you for sharing that sunshine!! We sure do need it here.

    Everything looks so beautiful in Atlanta. It always does. :) The picture of the boys hearing about the garage door is so cute.

    1. We certainly could use some sunshine...more rain on the way!!! Thanks for visiting today Stacey!

  3. Would love to know the name of the BBQ joint. It looks fabulous!

    1. Hi Mechelle...the name of the restaurant is CUE. The best food ever!!!

  4. Looks like the best of times AND new garage doors at that!

  5. You sure had a busy weekend- and I LOVE your new garage doors. They are beauties! I think my favorite picture is your little guy chomping down an ear of corn! lol SO cute. The food looks delicious. xo Diana

    1. Thank you dear Diana! He is certainly fun to be with!

  6. Looks like a fun time on the weekend. Your property is gorgeous and I love the new garage doors! Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Pamela! This is our daughter's home in Atlanta. We had a great visit with them! I so hope you are having beautiful weather!


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