April 14, 2015


First up....a beautiful breakfast to start the morning!

Have you been pouring over outdoor catalogs as I have?
Pinterest provides us such a wealth of inspirational ideas.

It's time for a trip to the garden center to fill the pots with beautiful summer blooms! 

I am hoping for a new patio seating group as we spend many hours
outside during three seasons out of the year! 
I feel I have a beautiful sanctuary to relax and enjoy barbecuing and entertaining! 

Hmmm....looks like Pier One has some fabulous finds.....

We are still pouring all of our energy into the lawn and mulching the flowerbeds.
I am busy gathering ideas for foliage around the patio and......

I found what I was looking for....
creating a Zen dish garden.
I have always been drawn to these oriental garden statues, so
I ordered this to begin the project.

I bought #1 son, and our lovely daughter-in-law, Jenn
tiny succulents for their kitchen window when they moved into their new home, 
so I plan to add these tiny, colorful plants to the garden. 

This is going to be such a fun weekend project.
I hope it turns out just like I envision it...
Spring rains today......


  1. Oh- I am liking your choices. It will be fun to get a new patio set! Love that last picture of the rain, too. My mother always had a succulent garden but I have never really grown them. xo Diana

    1. It should be a fun spring project Diana. What are your plans for the garden this year? Thank you for visiting today!


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