March 5, 2015


Oh winter....you just keep hanging around.
 Gray, rainy days...blustery winds and now freezing rain. 

Estelle's will always drop in on Maine and see what's going on up there.
Our favorite dairy farm, just outside our little New England Village,
always features the farm acreage and their beautiful animals.
How they ever handle this much snow is beyond my thoughts!
Now isn't this sheep too adorable!!!

Enough already...please no more snow.......
Are y'all in there?

This is simply stunning! 
I do miss driving by this gorgeous farm.

It is however, so lovely to see the Greenbelt all snowy and white. 
Two things you can count on in this world.....dogs and kids LOVE snow! 

This was too funny! In Maine we had deer tracks and in Texas we have little bunny tracks.
Mae spotted him early in the morning while she was "on patrol!" 
If you say the word "BUNNY" to her, she comes running! 

Well.....perhaps a bit too soon. 
The grocery jumped the gun and attempted to have a garden/spring display
 in the front entrance......
how pitiful, huh?

There's the darling putting groceries in the car.
Listen, I slipped on ice quite a few times in Maine,
so I do not venture out onto icy parking lots.

So....setting the scene with our weather around here, 
it calls for a big pot of Texas chili and homemade cornbread.

I knew when I saw this one submitted by Ms. Dora Warrington, 
that it was one I wanted to try!
Oh it's on the favorites list!
Save that Jiffy cornbread mix and 
try this easy recipe!
The darling requested some for
breakfast with butter and drizzled with honey.

Embrace your southern roots y'all...
eat hot cornbread for a winter breakfast! 

1st stop...Macon, Georgia
Miss M and Luke
Disney World

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at when we lived Tampa/St. Pete
and when Miss M was a little mousekeeter herself! 

Miss M and cousin Tommy
We made so many trips to Disney during those days.....

Rain..more rain.....snow and sleet....

5 inches of snow overnight!
Woot! Woot!


  1. and no flour in that delicious sounding corn bread!!! :-) most call for flour and then I have to scramble to find G/F flour.
    oh my, but that does sound delicious.

    sweet old pics of kiddies! and of mommy and "grand" now.

    oh I love how smart Miss Mae is! she knows what BUNNY means. ,-) she would have fun here too. we have a "resident" bunny, it seems. sometimes just before it's completely dark, we see him.

    oh my! 5" of snow! down south! -sigh- but I agree, it's the ice, which is the real "badddddie"... beeeeee careful!

    gentle hugs, Tessa~

    1. Well...as you know....the south does not know what to do on snow days.....it's that black ice under the snow that's the problem. I laugh and laugh when I see neighbors out with a garden shovel and a hammer trying to break the ice on their driveway.....lawd, lawd. How do rabbits stay warm during these winter months??? Gentle hugs back darling Tessa!

  2. We are getting lots of snow today, already 4-5 inches, I'd say! I'm really ready for Spring!

    I love all your pretty photos and posts! Your blog is a favorite stop daily!


    1. You are such a love Deanna! I love, love, love having you visit! I'm tired of snow too....and this is so unusual for us. I know you will be ready to see some green at your lovely home! Enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. Thanks for finding me and leaving me such a nice comment, Betsy. You didn't come in through my email but I spotted your comment in my dashboard comments. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sideboard right away. You have a lovely blog! xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana....I have followed you for some time....always love visiting your darling blog! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. Thank you, thank you!!!

  4. Estelle - was that Market St. with the garden furniture? The chili looks delish. Love the Disney pics!.

    1. It was actually Kroger on Custer Katie. You must miss Market Street....it's our favorite too! Hope you are thawing out somewhat...wishful thinking probably!

  5. Zero snow here in ME today...just sayin' LOL!

    1. Oh Vee.....you poor darling....that is SO cold. You must stay inside all winter....I think I do too! Think of spring, which is just stunning up in Maine! Hugs to you!

    2. Zero snow = no snow...hahahahaha...still no snow; however, it was -11F this morning, which is more than cold enough.

  6. Oh my, chili and cornbread! Yummy! You really inspire me to cook and prepare my meals with love! Your Blog always makes me so happy to have a home and have someone to cook and bake for...
    Lovely, Roxy

    1. You said it well Roxy. We are so blessed to have family and have someone to bake for! Enjoy your weekend love!


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