February 28, 2015


Yes, you are seeing this correctly. We have a good dusting of snow
in the great state of Texas!
This is a view near Ranger stadium in Arlington.

How about a blast of cold winter air Miss Mae?

A Winter Advisory 

Early morning, we were waiting for the flakes to begin. When snow is predicted, it's unlike living in the North or East. as the roads get icy and we have massive "mix masters" on the Interstates. Bridges and overpasses can be extremely dangerous with people connecting to either Dallas or Fort Worth for work. It can be crazy around here. 

There is something so serene about winter woodlands.

Mae was born in Maine and was a Maine kitty for three years.
 I think she rather enjoyed
feeling snowflakes on her whiskers and 
seeing the birds and squirrels scamper about.

I can remember hearing the snowplows come through our little New England village late at night and early morning when those Nor Easter's would blow through Maine. This is far from that, but people don't know how to maneuver here on snow and ice. I am fortunate to be retired and don't have to worry about making it to work, but the younger members of the family do, as well as the darling.

The glaze of ice begins to form.
It may be "old hat" to the Yankees, but since it happens so rarely down here,
we all capture the moments. 

We have so enjoyed the neighbor's potty training their new lab puppy. 
Oh my goodness. they are out there at least every two hours with this little guy. 

He seemed to be loving this weather.
He's also getting used to his leash.

She was spot on....a great photo op. 

Mae had spotted a bunny scampering across the patio.


The snow begin to fall about 9:00 AM and lasted well past evening!

She is just fascinated.
I love her sweet little face looking up at the snow falling.

Sorry....I am obsessed.

I worry so about the children getting to and from work.
Greg and Jenn both work in Dallas, 
so I sent a text message to both of them to see if they were home safely yet. 
Jenn sent me this picture of the interstate and
 she was inching her way home. 
Took her about one and a half hours. 

I always am thankful to hear everyone is home safe and sound. 
Bo loved the snow as most dogs seem to. 

Isn't their backyard just gorgeous!
This is very unusual to find such property in Texas. 
I love this! 

We gave them this wind spinner as a gift for their garden.
I love this shot. They are all getting so good with their photography!

Snow fun!

It's going to be a great weekend to make some chili and cornbread.


  1. Oh, your snow is lovely and miss seeing the Texas flag! :) Little Mae is so sweet and love her little cute face gazing up at the snow. She's missing it! We have those snow plows come down our streets before daylight pushing it off our roads. That's one thing nice here, once I get down the driveway - it's a little steep, the roads are so nice and taken care off! Enjoy your snow.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. You know Miss Shelia...it finally feels like winter! Loving it for now and the good thing is, it will be gone in a few days. Stay warm and enjoy your cozy beautiful home up there!

  2. flowing water, running along a back yard, in TX!!!! simply amazing...

    yes, winter conditions in the south, are not nice. southerners just don't know how to drive, in such. so glad your family members are all home safely. and have the weekend, for things to thaw out. at least, I hope the weekend will bring thawing.

    you know, that you can not post TOOOOOO many pics of sweet Miss Mae, for me. :-)))))) she is just such a lovely kittie.

    stay warm!


    1. Thank you Tessa. I wish you the same. I am so hoping for an early spring! Big hugs!

  3. You make it look like fun...all except that commute!


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