January 5, 2015


How was your weekend loves?
Did you do something enjoyable?
Perhaps you prepared a big pot of chili, curled up with a soft blanket and 
watched a good movie, or packed away all those Christmas decorations!
Did you do a marathon watch of your favorite old TV shows?

We did all of the above!
And.....on a very cold, rainy dismal night,
we all got dressed up and met for dinner in downtown Fort Worth!

Saturday, we made a special trip to Cavender's to buy the darling his post-Christmas gift!
A new pair of boots!
Ew, y'all....my hearts all a flutter....I have my very own Marlboro Man!!!
I pulled out my black riding boots so we could both be lookin' stylish in Foat Wuth! 

One of our favorite dining spots is Blue Sushi!

Girls on one side, boys on the other!

We always manage to fill our evenings with laughter! 
I do believe this dazzling smile had a little help from a Saki Bomb!

Three of my guys!

Me and the girlies....best daughter-in-laws one could ever hope for! 
I'm the "oldie but goodie" on the left!

I always just let the boys order for us....neither the darling nor I bought our glasses!

Needless to say, they did an amazing job of ordering for the entire table!

After our dinner of divine Sushi, we always walk across the street to Eddie V's!
We relax in the bar, listen to whatever great live jazz band they feature and
 savor some after dinner drinks and those heavenly desserts....
.bananas foster cake is their speciality! 

What a fabulous evening of celebrating the new year together!
Early weekend morning....again, gray and rainy! Maepole....what's going on outside?

Two of our resident beauties....the Saint and the Pyrenees

I did snap up this beautiful, luxurious throw at Target!
Perfect for these winter months ahead! 

I know sweet girl....
you instantly lay claim to any thing that even comes close to feeling like cashmere.....
you saucy minx!

A fire and blanket to warm you on a cold January night!

Greg and Jenn also made an after Christmas purchase...
A brand new fridge!
What a beauty!!!!

Things area going pretty well up in Ohio. Miss M's father-in-law is settling into his new home away from home and being eased into his new therapy program. Miss M tells me how lovely the facility is and sent me a picture she especially loved which is in his room! I love it too! It's happy and serene, don't you think?

She also fell in love with these two prints! 
She plans to see if she can find these and hang them in Luke's room! 
He adores dogs, so these are going to just be perfect!

Too, too darling! 

A shared moment of laughter between our little 
Luke the Duke, his daddy and his sweet cousin Noah! 
I am so very happy they were able to spend some time together! 


  1. Happy New Year! Your sweet kitty looks so much like my Charlie!

    1. Happy 2015 to you also Linda! Thank you for stopping by to visit today!

  2. Happy New Year, Estelle. I hope it is a great one. xo

    1. Thank you so much Ron! Can't wait to see what fun times are ahead on The Uptown Acorn!

  3. Now that is a great way to spend a cold evening. You are so lovely! I might prefer the dessert to the main course; however, I can identify with the kids doing the ordering because I've forgotten my glasses. It's a windy, bitterly cold night in Maine. Mt. Washington has winds tonight in excess of 120 mph. I'm glad that I am tucked under my fleece visiting you....that's a wonderful throw you brought home for the kitty.

    1. Thank you for stopping by for a visit Vee! Are you enjoying these new January days? Cold everwhere I think! Yes, the food and getting together with the children was so fun! Hugs my dear Vee!

  4. Family times are the best and you had a lot of them from sushi to fancy dessert to jazz and more.

    1. You are spot on Miss Terra.....family times are simply the best for us! Thank you for visiting Estelle's today!

  5. So glad I found you through Preppy Empty Nester...your posts are great and family friendly. The sushi dinner looked marvelous.

    1. I simply love meeting new friends through blogging Beemie! Love your name! Thank you ever so much for taking time to comment and visit me at Estelle's! Hugs for a brand new year ahead!


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