January 4, 2015


Shortly before we began the journey from Maine back to Texas a few years ago, one of our darling sons flew up to Boston to surprise us for a holiday visit. When he arrived at The Maine House and casually walked in and said, "Hi Momma!".....well, I thought I was seeing a ghost. It was the most surprised I think I had ever been and simply could not take it all in.

 I remember just standing there frozen, thinking for a second..."How could this be? Is it really Nick? No....how could Nick be in Maine?" It was like receiving the best Christmas gift ever!! He was a tremendous help in preparing The Maine House for our showings and moving furniture to storage. We left most of our belongings in our home until it sold while we headed back to Texas to our corporate apartment. We simply could not have done it without him. 

During his brief visit, we spent a day in Freeport Christmas shopping and enjoying lunch at The Jameson Tavern. It was cold, rainy and a perfect day to savor this joyous day! Merry were our hearts!!

This gorgeous sleigh was right outside the main L.L. Bean store!
 I could spend most of the day in each section of this store....except the hunting area....
didn't even go there! 

This was THE cutest couple! Isn't she fashionable in her fur coat!
I certainly do hope it was "faux!"
Did you notice her little Christmas socks?

The red felt Lobstah tree!

The Jameson Tavern!

Perfect for our lunch on that cold winter day!

This dining room where we ate, was so warm, cozy and intimate!

Oh, the warmth of the Christmas holidays!

Window shopping in Freeport! Precious! My daddy was a model train enthusiast!
 Whenever I see a train display, I think of how much he would have loved it! 

The Nicholson Inn is on the edge of the entrance to this darling town! 

NOW.....turns out...nothing stays the same!

February 19, 2013: Historic Jameson Tavern, the downtown pub first opened by Samuel Jameson in 1801, abruptly closed “until further notice” 

Apparently, there was a huge dispute between the Inn's owner and the restaurant!
The Inn was on the market for $2 million dollars and apparently went under new ownership in July, 2013. 

In 2014, there were some very controversial write-ups in the local newspaper which revealed some disputes between the new restaurant owners and the landlord/owner of the Inn. Freeport is a small town which has been taken over by retail stores and shops.It lost the appeal, I am sure, to the long time residents of the area. It's a fabulous place to shop and dine however. But as quaint and charming as many of these seaside towns are, things have been changing over the past few years. Kennebunkport was experiencing painful changes when we moved back to Texas. Old historic homes were being torn down or remodeled into modern looking restaurants. It was sad to me and heartbreaking to the residents. I am so glad we experienced such good times at The Jameson Tavern! Who knew what was going on behind the scenes! 


  1. A wonderful memory... Complete with lovely photos of the area.

    So un-wise for old areas, to let their authentic history, go. Authentic historical places, can never be recreated.

    Happily, we live in an old Victorian ambiance city, which years ago, pulled itself up by the bootstraps and began saving and cherishing what was left, of it's old Victorian buildings, houses, etc. We lived here, before-during-and after these happenings. And are so, so, so happy and appreciative, of the work done, in the 70's and beyond.

    And we were part of that work. We owned the corner building, in which our very old family drug store is on the bottom floor. We painted the building, in authentic colors, and maintained it, etc.

    Enough of my memories, in your blog. :-)


    1. I love hearing this Tessa! How wonderful to preserve your history and be such a vital part of your community! Fortunately, The Jamestown Tavern is still in operation and survived the sale. There were such wonderful historic sites in Kennebunkport, which were not as fortunate. The towns people were just heartbroken. Enoy your weekend love!

  2. That Jamestown Tavern looks fabulous, and lobster stew, wow. The lobster tree, how cute! And the best Christmas present ever, for a momma's heart, was that surprise visit from your son.

    1. If you ever have the chance to visit Freeport, you would love to have a luncheon at The Jameson Tavern! It is quaint and so, so old! Happy to hear that they are back in business! Thank you so much for stopping by today Terra! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Hugs!

  3. I'd love to visit Maine again! It's a lovely place!


  4. I didn't and still don't...know what's going on behind the scenes that is. I had to laugh when you said that you hoped it was a faux coat as I was hoping it wasn't Gotta admire a woman who waers keather shoes and real fur. =D

    1. LOL....Vee you too precious! Hugs!!!

  5. I laughed too at the faux remark. I went to a funeral on Sat. and sat behind an elderly woman (look who's calling the kettle black) and she had on a fur stole..I could hardly keep my mind on the pastor...I kept thinking of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine kept asking people if they were wearing real fur...it was so funny...
    I so love that your son surprised you....and so glad ya'll enjoyed time together...

    1. I do remember that episode in Seinfeld BJ! Those were some good shows weren't they? I so thank you for stopping by today! Here we go into winter.....stay warm and happy love!


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