January 8, 2015


We simply love visits to Atlanta.
Why? Because it's where Miss M and her family live.
Atlanta is beautiful anytime of year.
We have places to see, people to visit, babies to kiss and delicious food!

When visiting Miss M, you will feel loved and well-fed! 

Probably my favorite room....formal, yet comfortable!
We love having morning coffee and a glass of wine in the gloaming.

Mr. Big's office...that's my name for any man's office....

My mother's secretary.
I knew this was going to be the forever home of this beautiful heirloom.

One of my "suitcase surprises" for this darling boy!

Good things go on in this kitchen.
I remember the night I arrived, the day after Luke had been born.
Jay and I sat here and talked about his birth.
I think we both cried...yep, pretty sure we did.

You feel like you are in Italy sometimes.

Making her Dad's favorite Chicken Marsala

Looks like Mr. Wonderful was being a big help in the making of the Marsala....NOT!

This dish took alot of preparation....but was SO worth it!

Carefully browning the chicken...I can smell that heavenly aroma from here!

The Linguine

Prep work

Dinner is served

Another cocktail hour.....while having good conversations about the state of the country

Caught in a moment of sweetness, while waiting for dinner

Savoring a highball with his father-in-law...this is a really good guy!
One of the best....

Preparing the greens

I love this time of day

Italian Pasta night

There's Mr. Wonderful again...lending a helping hand

Simply Divine!


Want a bite?

This says it all.....
Like Papa...Like Grandson


  1. When are you coming back?

  2. In the spring....I am coming in the spring....I need some romance under the dogwoods.


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