December 3, 2014


We begin by adding a little holiday to the living room......

The very first Santa of the season made his appearance.
This was a Santa that I had given to my mother some years ago.
She always would display him in her china cabinet, 
then bring him out during the month of December 
as a touch of whimsy in the living room.
Her tradition continues. 

I can remember buying this Santa when we lived in Dothan, Alabama. 
That was over thirty years ago. 
He's a handsome Santa and I loved the fact that his suit was green,
 rather than the traditional red. 

The pink ceramic christmas tree was hand painted by paternal grandmother, Estelle.
I so treasure this piece. I wonder why she decided to paint it pink? 
She also hand set each pink crystal. 

The other two pieces are Burmese glass by Fenton.
The snowman is actually a fairy light. 
Both are hand painted signed by the artist at Fenton. 

Burmese glass was developed by the Mt. Washington glass company in 1885 and was named by Queen Victoria because the shaded colors reminded her of a sunset in Burma. The Fenton Art Glass Company is the only company to successfully replicate the original Burmese formula in modern times.

New holiday throw and pillows. 
The Pottery Barn crewel pillow of the tree is courtesy of The Divine Miss M! 
It goes perfectly with the crimson pillow and lush throw I had recently purchased! 

The new Christmas china is on the table, just waiting for the tablescape design. 
I sent Miss Judy her Christmas gifts today and 
let's just say she is going to be entertaining in grand style! 
I do the great majority of my shopping on line, do you?
Honey, we gave up shopping at the mall and traffic jams many years ago!
How's your shopping going? If your tree is up and decorated, my hat's off to you!
The older you become, the harder it is to open the door to the attic and go through bins of holiday decor, bring it downstairs and decide where to begin.....can you sympathize?

Over in Atlanta, Elf on the Shelf, who they named, "Snowy" two years ago,
 made his first appearance. 
December 1st, marked the initial day of back to school 
since his emergency surgery on Halloween night. 
Elf's adventures always bring smiles of
 anticipation of good things to come this month! 

Even the grandparents cannot wait to hear about Snowy's latest antics! 


  1. I love the Christmas dishes. Those are absolutely gorgeous. Good to see Luke enjoying all the Christmas fun.

    1. Thank you Deb! Cannot wait to use the new china! Luke's on the mend, thank you1 Hugs to you and kiss the kitties!

  2. Oh that snow man faerie light... Oh but that is so, so, so lovely.

    Oh yes, the Elf On The Shelf. :-) He hung on the hanging light, over the table... And our tiny daughter would look up at him, from her baby "holder". :-) Our tiny daughter, who is not over 50 years old. :-)

    And I love your idea of Decorating With Ease. That's what I am doing, this year. Let it flow. No matter how much or how little... Let it simply flow. It's quite silly, to get ourselves in a tizzzzzzzzy, over such things. :-)

    1. You are so right Tessa....easy does it! Little Elf has delighted many children over the years hasn't he? Oh the magic of Christmas! Hugs dear one!

  3. The Burmese glass is beautiful, and I do like your Santa - he reminds me of a "Father Christmas" rather than an American Santa and I like that! His green suit is beautiful.

    Those dishes are great. I love nice dishes. These will be so pretty on your table.

    Glad to see that happy smile on Luke's face!


    1. So glad you visited today Deanna! Thank you!!! Yes, he is a Father Christmas! I never thought of that! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Hi Estelle, I came to visit from Deb's blog and I enjoyed your post so much. Gorgeous pink Christmas items! I live in GA and I'm a Grandma. I know what you mean about the decorating. Less and less each year!

    1. Hi Linda! I am so very happy you stopped by for a look-see today! Welcome!!! I hope you find something of interest and inspiration! Wishing you a lovely Christmas season ahead!


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