October 23, 2014


Get In the Spirit

This is the Pumpkin Hollow dinnerware that has been placed on our Halloween table for the last thirty years! They go all the way back to the days of the Lillian Vernon catalog days. My children could not wait until October rolled around and they were able to eat their lunches and snacks off of this adorable spooky set of plates! They enjoyed hot spiced tea and cider from the matching mugs. Now that they are grown, I still take great pleasure in bringing them out every year and remembering them as little children! This year, I accented the Pumpkin Hollow with a few new pieces,  featuring the Owl cookie jar and matching little snack plate! I kept a few of my little vintage Halloween figurines that will eventually be given to grandson Luke! Children wait all year to enjoy the wonders of the holiday season, beginning with Halloween! It's fun to share in their joy, even when we become adults! 


  1. Oh that Pumpkin Hollow set is precious!!!! And your owl additions too. So, so, so cute.

    I'm so happy that I found you, who have happy fun with Halloween. We folks need to stick together, it seems. :-)))))))))

    Happy Countdown to Halloween,
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    1. Hi Tessa! Yes, this little set is old and vintage just like me! I'll tell you another state that loves Halloween is Maine! I have never seen such a fun celebration and the children, from babies to teens were dressed in THE cutest costumes! It was a fun, fun night of trick or treating...and most often in the snow! Love hearing from you and having you visit! Hugs to you!!!!


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