September 1, 2014


Think roasted corn, homemade salsa, local honey, and colorful plants.
Not to mention fried pies, Vidalia onions, fresh okra and jalapeno peppers!

As we welcomed the last day of August, 2014, we decided to drive over to the
 Dallas Farmers Market and take in the sights, smells and
purchase some fresh local produce to mark the end of summer.

This Farmers Market began in the early 1900's when horse and buggies
brought produce into the unpaved streets of downtown Dallas.
In 1939, the site of the Dallas Farmers Market was expanded,
and the first Shed was established.
By 1941, the site was officially sanctioned as a municipally owned and operated market.
It is a hub for farm-fresh vegetables, dairy and home-made wares.
Today it stands as a symbol of Dallas’ commitment to the health and
 nutrition of the people who call this city home.

Even when temperatures are rather hot, this newly renovated Shed
cools all the vendors as well as visitors!
It's wonderful to casually shop for all of these delicious foods and homemade products!

Puppies included! There was a vendor who offered homemade doggie treats!
I am sure he was wondering when they were going to make up their minds of the
spice blends and stroll over to something he was interested in!

This immediately caught the darling's eye!

Yes, please!

I knew I would catch up with them at the Salsa shop!

Although the strawberries looked beautiful,
 we found them a bit expensive at $8.00 per carton!

Fresh peaches! Always!

Don't you know this fresh okra would make some fantastic Gumbo!

Oh, those beautiful tomatoes.......a basket of simple goodness!

Are y'all hungry yet?

I bought two items from this vendor!
I cannot wait to show you and share their beautiful handwork!

Honey wine? Did a taste test, but I'll stick to my Chardonnay!

We purchased fresh jalapenos, avocados, fresh corn and Vidalia onions!

Cheese anyone?

There are actually four sheds at the market, and this one was newly renovated. The remaining three are currently being revamped and updated. If you visit the market in Dallas, plan on spending at least half the day. Come hungry and leave happy!

The darling bought a fried apple and cherry pie!
 Frankly, I make better....these were a tad disappointing!
Not enough shugah!

Our lovely fresh produce!
Time for cookin' it up!

Dual cooks!
While Greg was preparing his homemade tacos, with grass fed beef, and fresh cilantro,
 I was preparing Spanish rice with all that good yumminess!

Good-bye Summer!
I knew I would see you in September!


  1. Do you live in the Dallas area, Estelle? I haven't been to the Dallas Farmer's Market in quite some time, but I always enjoyed it when I did go. }

    1. Hi Kitty! We live North of Dallas. Prior to moving to Maine, we lived near Ft. Worth for twenty years. Since we have moved back, we have been to Dallas many times. It was a wonderful experience at the market...so much to see!

  2. Yes, I would try that Honey Wine... :-))))

    I love sweet wines.

    Gentle hugs,


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