August 7, 2014


The Atlanta House.......
it's a very Southern Dream House!
A visit with the Divine Miss M!

The decision had been made. The bench was staying! Initially, she felt the size was slightly large for the space by the front door, leading into the dining room. A smaller size would have been dwarfed due to the very open foyer and grand high ceilings. She was spot on deciding the traditional style of the bench, in addition to the warm cherry finish. Not to mention it had been on a waiting list for months and months! I told her to just "live with it" awhile and she would begin to realize if she liked it in that space. Then......well.......the husband threw the shipping box away.....so......it was staying put!

It all came in stages. We probably do that quite often, don't we? Pottery Barn home furnishings are a true love of so many of us. She purchased two Artisanal sconces and had not decided where to hang them. We played around with them on our last visit to Atlanta and were thinking about the front foyer or in the wall space found on the stairway landing. Then she decided she would place them over her new bench, but was wondering whether or not to include a mirror, a print, or maybe add a third sconce? It's so helpful discussing decorating with your daughter because between the two of us, we come up with some pretty good solutions! We ruled out the mirror.

Then I remembered the Williamsburg prints that belonged to Mother and Daddy. They had two and I had two. We purchased these when the darling and I lived in Virginia Beach. Miss M had found the two prints that were her grandparents and wanted to display them in her home as a remembrance. I gave her the two we had so she could reframe them and have a lovely grouping of these historical  prints. "Hey....what about trying one of the Williamsburg prints along with the sconces?" Down to the basement she went to bring up one of the prints....and.......it's hard to believe such a little thing could make such a huge difference!"

She had the sage green cable knit throw! I love it!
Then came the persimmon colored print pillow cover from Pottery Barn!
The color scheme was coming together.
Add the sconce, then the print!
Oh was a beautiful blending of autumnal colors!

She added the perfect basket.....love the shape and the texture.
The florals are stunning! I love the idea of using
variegated shades in the florals rather than all one color!

Introducing a whole new look!

Find something that inspires you and
trust your own creativity to develop your dream home!

It's not going to be a summer "staycation" after all.....

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  1. What a sweet corner! Half the battle is making the initial decision so having her hubby pitch the shipping box really was providential. =D

    Oh sounds like something exciting is coming right up!


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