July 27, 2014


 I think I must be missing summer days on the beach!
When I look back at vacation pictures, I can just feel that soft sand beneath bare feet.
Can't you just hear the sounds of those waves crashing along the shoreline?

There is nothing as beautiful to me than seeing these little cousins
running along the beach during the gloaming.

Luke is determined he's going to keep up with Noah.....
I wished they lived closer to each other!

This was our home for a week....it was the wedding house....
what a party we had and what memories we made!

I remember taking this shot....we were all sitting on the upper deck having evening cocktails....everyone was freshly showered, perfumed and looking sun-brushed.....

Always take me to the beach...................

Take me with you Papa........

Boating in the gulf.....

Discovering a sea creature

A surf lesson

Siblings enjoying the Atlantic

Sunset......an entire day of beach fun

This was the way the darling was raised......he has a love of the ocean in his soul

Solitude and Peace

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