June 22, 2014


Grandson Luke celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend!
I just love how Miss M can throw a party these days!
Let's take a sneak peak inside for all the colorful festivities! 

Rather than have a huge birthday party at one of those big event places, Miss M chose to have a birthday party at home with a few of Luke's closest friends and their parents. The group was smaller and the adults were able to relax on the deck while the children played with their new birthday favors!

Luke chose "Skylanders" as his birthday party theme this year!
"What's a Skylander", I asked?
 Apparently they are some sort of alien creatures......
I guess this is perfect for a little boy turning six!

A perfect picture before the guest arrive and bedlam ensues!

Big, huge colorful balls! What could be a more perfect party favor!


Action!!! (Little Izzy looks a bit bewildered)

"Did you take a picture of the birthday cake?"

She replied, "No, I forgot to! It was so good......another great cake creation from Publix!
"Well......send me a picture of what's left....that's even better!"

All the Texas family were able to celebrate with Luke during his summer visit last week.
 I think this little six year old had a fantastic birthday!

While the children were playing downstairs, dinner was being prepared.
They enjoyed a fantastic menu of:
Baked Brie with Jezebel Peaches
White barbecued grilled chicken
Grilled Hot Dogs
Creamy Mac N' Cheese
Grilled Veggies
Fresh Watermelon

Having a Ball!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your grandson Estelle! It looks like a wonderful party. The photos are great!

    1. Thank you Beth! It sure did look like a fun party!! Thank you for stopping by today!


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