June 23, 2014


Sunday morning in Texas....rain showers!
Who did that rain dance?

Miss Elizabeth shared her photos of the horses getting their rain bath....
probably felt wonderful!
They come up from the pasture to be fed and get a cool drink of water....
looks like they wanted to linger a bit until the rain slowed down!

We got up very early to drive down to Grapevine to see Noah play baseball.
Now is this a grandparent's devotion or what?
There was no getting up mid-morning or lingering in jammies over a cup of coffee...
we even arrived ahead of Nick, but he had a much further drive than we did.
This does not appear to be a baseball playing day to me!
Yet, as usual, we had to wait until the coaches decided to cancel the games!

Soooooo........we decided to find a place for eating breakfast! Nick chose the place! Hmmmmm...we passed a Cracker Barrel,  which is probably the best place ever for breakfast, next to I-Hop! We wondered where in the world we were headed?? OMG....do our boys know where to go locally or what! This is THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!! Would you enjoy seeing the local fare?

I almost don't want to share this......it's THAT good! A full parking lot and what they thought would be a 35 minute wait....we waited no more than 10 minutes! WE LOVED THIS PLACE? Why? Well, great atmosphere.....fabulous and friendly service and DELICIOUS FOOD! A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE TOO!

I love Texas!
Our Team!
"We know that the only reason we have been successful is because of the wonderful people that help us make it happen everyday! We believe in working together and helping each other to take care of ya'll the best we can! "

Here is a little history of THE OLD WEST CAFE!

"The year was 2001, and I was workin' 80 hours a week in the corporate world! (I am sure many of you can relate!) I rarely spent time with my children and husband, and time was just passin' on by.... My husband always knew I wanted to own my own little cafe, so one day, out of the blue, he came home with my very own key to my very own cafe! WOW! That's how Oldwest Cafe was born! So even as we grow a bit, I never forget where we started, what a hard road it was gettin' here, and how hard we all need to work to make sure we try not to lose that happy feelin' ya'll get when ya' walk through our doors! We want to treat people just the same way we want to be treated back... kindly and with the utmost respect. So all you mighty fine Cowgirls and Cowboys, saddle up that horse and hit the trail for Oldwest Cafe...pretty darn sure ya' might like it! And if ya don't, well, that's okay, too, cause even I know that ya' just can please em' all!  So, HAPPY TRAILS and get down to the Oldwest and take a load off! See ya'll soon! You'll enjoy the ride!"

What's important to us...

"is You and your Family! Your not just another customer to us. You're hard working' COWBOYS and COWGIRLS with families and feelins', just like us! We believe you should get what you want...really good food (oh, did I mention alot of it?), and at a price you could live with!

But we don't stop there! We make sure it gets to ya' with a great big friendly smile in a comfortable place that feels like home! Cause we know, if you ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, at least not at the OldWest! We're gonna do our best to help get you a great start to the rest of your day!  Oh, one more thing...ain't no smokin' or alcohol here! Just a whole bunch of happy faces and full bellies at the OldWest!"

The Menu!
Love it!

"Our breakfast menu has a lot of great dishes, from Eggs Benedict, to our special banana-nut pancakes served with our very own peanut-butter syrup, to almond-crisp french toast, quesadillas n' skillet bowls, amazin' omelets, the best chicken fried steak,  huevos rancheros, and much, much, MUCH MORE! Shall I go on?"

"OH my, I didn't mention our awesome lunch dishes yet… tender pot roast, our very own recipe meatloaf, and our garden fresh salads are the best, hand-peeled mash potatoes, tex- mex dishes, great burgers and sandwiches, and more, more, MORE!!  So giddy on up and hit the trail for the OLDWEST CAFE! Its a great meeting' place for friends and  family!"

The darling ordered this.......
A cinnamon roll dipped in our special recipe batter and grilled....lawd, lawd....to die for!

I ordered the CowHand.....best eggs ever.....they must have been farm fresh.
.I have never had eggs that tasted so darn good!!!!
Nick ordered the French Toast which he ate before I snapped a photo!
I did get a taste of his and I can honestly say, we agreed it was the best ever..no kidding!
There may not have been any baseball, but what could be better than breakfast with these two good lookin' cowpokes?
She did it right....she is a great success...BRAVO Old West Cafe!
"We also owe our success to the Great One above!
Yeah, you heard it, the one and only, our Lord and Savior!
Without direction and help from him, nothing would be possible!"



  1. Breakfast is my favorite thing to make (of the meals!) We had rain yesterday too, but today is sunny and much cooler; I think I'll crank up the oven and bake:-D Have a lovely Monday, dear friend, XOXO

    1. Good Monday morning Miss Susan! We are loving the rain! I adore rainy Mondays! Perfect day to bake! Hugs!


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