May 26, 2014


Schools out for the Summer!

The last day of school finally arrived! I believe the teachers were ready and
so were the children!
What two wonderful and dedicated teachers they are...
Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Meanie!
It was a great, successful year!

In a few weeks, we will be hosting a visit from the Divine Miss M and our grandson Luke! Swimming and having sleep overs with cousins, lunches on the patio, baking cookies with Grandma....plans are underway for a summer visit!

We had a marvelous cookout at Nick and Cat's! We were able to eat amazingly good food, visit with the grandchildren, meet the newest member of the family (story below) and enjoy a good afternoon rain!

I made a beautiful vegetable and fruit tray with an easy breezy ranch dip. Just mix one pint of sour cream, with one package of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix! It's light and fresh tasting! You could substitute plan Greek Yogurt for the sour cream!

We made little Memorial day spirit bags filled with a mix of buttered popcorn and butter toffee popcorn and peanuts. We had a history discussion with the grandchildren on the meaning of memorial day! I am amazed at what is NOT taught in school these days!

Wonder what the topic of discussion was between Greg, Abbie and Morgan?

The darling was speaking to all the dogs in the outback!
They love this green space. We love seeing them run, play Frisbee and
 just enjoy the sunshine!

This is our darling Mox! Mox lived down the road from Miss Elizabeth. His owners were moving from the country closer into town and told Miss Elizabeth, she could have him since they were not planning on taking him! WHAT???? What is wrong with people that they give up their beloved pets so easily? Well, they left alright and there was this poor dog...abandoned. It took Elizabeth about a week and half to coax him to leave his empty house and come stay with her. He was still waiting for his family to return for him. How incredibly sad was this? Well, long story short, he was adopted by Nick and Cat! He is coming around, but is a bit timid. He is an absolutely gorgeous German Shepherd, a gentle soul and wants to be loved. I instantly fell in love with him. Franz is also rather happy to have a four-legged companion. He is being given lots and lots of love and with time, I think he is going to forget any abuse he suffered and will live a long and happy life. We love you Mox!!!

Franz and Bo 

Our beautiful Mox!
He tilts his head to the side at a rather strange angle. My theory is that his irresponsible original owners crated him for a very long time and he was unable to raise his head properly. He is a gentle soul and I am so very thankful that this beautiful dog is now loved and cared for. I hope the people who abandoned him answer for their cruelty.

Before the rains came....

Time to eat! Hot dogs grilled to perfection, sprinkled with Lemon Pepper...
it's a family tradition!

Burgers! I think Nick grills up the best burgers ever!!! He has secrets that I am going to try to get him to write down....I know he uses fresh bread crumbs, but it must be the seasoning that makes them so fabulous!

We had a beautiful afternoon rain!
 Texas is already experiencing severe drought, so the rain showers were welcomed!
That does not stop the boys from launching water balloons!
It was a fantastic Memorial Day celebration!
We ended the meal with Cherry Pineapple crisp and ice cream....a perfect ending!


  1. Those are all wonderful pictures Estelle! I am hungry now! :-)

  2. Another lovely post. Am so thankful Mox has a forever home. He is gorgeous and blessed to have found his way to your family. Thank you for all the beauty you share.

    1. Oh thank you Marilyn! Mox is a gently love.....I am thankful he has a happy new beginning too! Thank you for visiting today!


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