May 31, 2014


 I love to repurpose!

Like many of you, I am focused on dressing up the patio for summer! I adore adding touches of whimsy in the garden areas and creating our outdoor living space, a place of beauty and interest!
I have had this wooden candlestick for so long and have never even used it. I found the color a bit off to me, so my plan had been to eventually paint it another color. I loved the shape and height of it however. So as I was searching through the garage, looking for a few of my shepherd's hooks, I came across this melamine plate I had purchased at The Christmas Tree Store in Maine a few years back. It is for decoration only and not meant for food items. I only paid $2.00 for this, which I considered a real find! Hmmmm, both items had complimentary colors, so I decided to use them together to make a bird feeder for the patio!

I tried to enlist the help of Mae, but she found little interest in the project.
 She was on patrol looking for the bunny to reappear around the patio!

A little super glue should work in securing the plate to the top of the candlestick.

I know she is wondering  if this would be a good place to jump up and sit.....
not a good idea Mae Mo....not a good idea!


After a good afternoon rain, I tried it out in a few places!

A rather romantic feeder I would say......

I love it! Everything old is new again!
Now we need a trip to the nursery for asparagus ferns and petunias!
Happy gardening y'all!


  1. What a beautiful feeder and it looks so perfect in your garden. XOXO

  2. I love this! What a clever idea. I am wondering what the bird feeder is standing on..it looks like a patio but it's just beautiful. Looks like tiny polished stones. Lovely. Playing in the yard and the patio and front porch is so much fun. Can't think of too much else I enjoy more.
    Mona :)

  3. Hello, We have opted out of doing the greenhouse this year, So we have had fun working on the flowerbeds. Happy June!
    We call our outdoor living room the most used room of the summer!
    xo Miss Roxy


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