February 3, 2014


We knew when we bought the Texas house, that this window would be Mae's favorite spot! She is able to watch all the activity in the greenbelt directly across the street. She can quickly spot a bird in the holly bush, a bunny rabbit grazing in the grass and the dogs walking with their owners. It may not be as exciting as all the wildlife she got to see at The Maine House, but it is her window to the world!

The birds see her and tease her by flying about in the trees.
 She does a funny little twittering meow that seems to be her
private language in talking to them.

On this cold, rainy and foggy day, I happened to spot this pair of dove in the tree!
This was my gift for the day.....They were all puffed up in their attempt to keep warm.

They were watching us and Mae and I were watching them.

Poor darling.....birds are just not as exciting as deer, turkeys or big fat gray squirrels like her
 Mr. Jimmy!

I hope they stay through the Spring and well into the Summer.

There may be snow  still outside your window. 
However, Mae continues to watch the little birds return to the feeders,
 so Spring really is not too far away ~

This sweetness reminded me of our beloved golden,
There will be none sweeter or more loveable!



  1. Mae had a great spot to watch the wildlife outside the window. Sweet pictures of her. We have lots of mourning doves here and I enjoy watching them on the deck railing as the sit and preen and coo to each other. Have a nice Monday!

    1. Good Monday Morning Pam! I just adore Doves......so precious! Enjoy your week love and thank you for visiting today!

  2. Mae is beautiful. I really enjoyed those pictures of her.

  3. Mae is a beautiful kitty! Don't you just wonder sometimes what they are trying to say? Loved the video...sweet indeed!


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