January 7, 2014


 The color called orchid in Panetone.
The signature color of 2014....
Who knew? Probably a great majority of us do not keep abreast of the color of the year! I remember being aware of the "in" color when I was much younger.....I mean college days. Taking interior design classes, we were required to know these types of things. But you know how it goes, you marry, become mired down in navigating through life....babies, a husband, cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, carpooling, sports events, stuffy noses....life just gets in the way doesn't it....from keeping us aware of the selected color of the year!

All is forgiven. Do not fret or worry if you were not in the know. Emerald was last year's color and I will just bet, you were wearing the color of emerald at Christmas time. Or perhaps, you chose to have emerald in your tablescape, or your bedroom. Even better, maybe your jewelry reflected this rich green color. So, how do you suppose you will bring the color of Radiant Orchid into your life this year? I do find the purple or lavender orchid beautiful! Perhaps it will be something that is simplistic as a single orchid plant on the fireplace mantle. Since we have a really cold day and need some "filler time", as I call it, let's dream big!

Orchid Transferware

 Orchid linens and tableware
 Orchid toile wallpaper in the boudoir

Your statement necklace

 Just in case you are invited to the ball

Come to Mama

In the garden

At High Tea

The Reception

 The Cocktail Hour

 In your dreams

Sitting Pretty

My favorite of all....on the farm....who would have thought this? LOVE!

Purple orchids represent femininity when found in lavender shades, as lavender is a kind of "grownup pink".
Thus, they are gracious, elegant!
It's all about making our lives beautiful!
Or perhaps just a little more fun!


  1. I'm in love with your Orchid Post! I've gone through it twice soaking in the radiance...and the barn, well that's the best:-D

    1. So happy it brightened your day Susan....I am loving this color more and more! Tell me if you find something that you love in this color!

  2. I love those photos. The color orchid is beautiful!

    1. Hi Beth! So glad you enjoyed the photos! It's good to dream isn't it? I just know you would look beautiful wrapped up in a cozy and warm blanket in the shade of orchid!

  3. Lots of pretty eye candy, its such a lovely hue. Oh, I must say, those chubby kitty paws in your header picture get me everytime! So cute, I wanna cuddle!

    1. Me too Joolz! Kitty paws are so darn kissable!


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