January 23, 2014


It's funny how the word "cozy" is associated with the Winter season.
I heard this term used quite often when living in Maine.
One Friday evening in late January, we decided to try a new restaurant located in Portland's West End named Caiola's! The children had given us a gift certificate for our Anniversary, which we had not yet used and after three months of deep snow, we were going a bit stir crazy. Remember, Mainers do not let snow and ice keep them indoors. Quite the opposite, the restaurants and pubs can be quite "cozy" during winter months. Like many of the Old Port and Portland dining establishments, Caiola's is rather small with a private bar seating only eight. There may be a total of twelve tables in the entire dining space. So, we decided to have a glass of wine or two before dinner and sat next to a couple who lived in Falmouth that just happened to be celebrating their anniversary. We struck up a conversation, when the owner kept bringing them these beautiful Hors d'oeuvres to sample. As it turned out, their son was a chef in training and was preparing all of that scrumptious food for them. They kindly offered us to share in their taste testing! We had a marvelous discussion on life in Maine when they learned we were transplanted to Maine after living years in Texas. I remember she asked us how we were surviving the winters in Maine? We replied that we enjoyed the snow, but it sure did last a long, long time. We were not yet used to winter lasting well into the month of May. Winters can be rather isolating up there in New England. She replied, "Yes, but I have always found winter to be very "cozy" in the house.
 Which leads me to a decorating day in my attempt to make our home "winter cozy!"
Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed and Something Blue
What speaks more of winter than beautiful deer in the snow covered woodlands?
This was a Christmas gift from the Divine Miss M...she knows me all to well!
I remembered I had this beautiful teal blue throw,
which was the perfect warm accent to this new pillow.
The Windsor chair is a priceless antique which belonged to my paternal Grandfather.

A winter vignette created with my mothers cherry serving tray,
my grandmother's pine bough tea cup and saucer,
her antique linen tea towel and yet another beautiful gift from Miss M....
the partridge in a pear tree (actually a little salt and pepper shaker set).
 The motif of birds goes beautifully with winter I believe.
Mae had discovered the pinecones!

Hot Cranberry Tea, chenille throws, buttery Madeleine's and catalogs galore!

Don't you stay at home of evenings ?
Don't you love a cushioned seat in a corner,
by the fireside, with your slippers on your feet?
Oliver Wendell Holmes


Mae! This was not intended to be a "Diva Shot!"

However, this post was all about "cozy" now wasn't it?  And we know the definitions of cozy indicate small, comfortable, and warm spaces. A friendly and pleasant atmosphere. And the suggestion of showing a closeness between two hearts.....and that we are my darling Mae.....we share a real closeness!



  1. You always have such beautiful pictures on your blog. I enjoyed them all!

    1. Thank you Beth! These were taken with my I-phone so the quality was probably not the best, but it was fun to bring the vignette together! I always enjoy hearing your comments! Spring is closer than we think, isn't it?

  2. I ADORE that peacock blue throw with the pillow! I did not realize the pillow had blue in it when I bought it (old eyes or it just didn't show up on my monitor. Monitor, it was the monitor!) I just love it with the blue!!! So warm and inviting!

    1. Thank you Ms. M! I love both of the gifts! I just adore that salt and pepper shaker! I have it on the dining table now. And the pillow......serene and beautiful!!!!


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