January 21, 2014


Rise and Shine Babycakes!
We're Puttin' on the Grits!  
Girls Raised in the South
Well, yes, however in this case. we are talking the best GRITS you ever tasted!
Perhaps it has to do with the comfort quality of this food.
In grits, you will find "comfort"
morning, noon and night!

It's a tradition. Although, I am embarrassed to say, I was not really aware that there are some really quality good tasting grits out there! That is not until I discovered STONE GROUND GRITS FROM CAROLINA CREOLE!
Oh honey......grits by any other name will simply not do.

 I cannot believe that for years, I have settled for the grocery store quick cooking grits, when there was a slice of heaven yet to be discovered..just waiting for our breakfast table! If you love grits, you will want to purchase these from Carolina Creole! They are amazing!!!!

 Now you can serve up the BEST Shrimp and Grits
 ever on the entire face of the universe!


  1. I have never tasted grits that didn't bring a frown to my face. LOL I imagine these taste a lot better.

    1. I had to laugh at this statement Beth! If you have not been raised on grits, then I can see that some would not like them! However, for us Southerners, it is one of those foods we simply cannot do without! Carolina Creole can open up a whole new world of new recipes. I am so thrilled I discovered them. I love to support family owned companies in the good ole USA!

  2. Well, I must say that I have to agree with Beth. I've never had them but once or twice and that was enuf for me! :) I'll take the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, though!!

    1. Well.....Cheryl.....I guess they shall remain a "Southern thing!" If you do ever visit the southern states, especially GA or LA, then maybe you can sample shrimp and grits....simply divine...I promise! Thank you for stopping by!


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