November 24, 2013


 Yesterday was a day of air travel for the Atlanta family. Off they flew to Ohio to visit Ohio Grandma and Nonno.  I am always so thankful when they land safe and sound and I receive a message that all is well. There is nothing more exciting when you are a child and you know you will be visiting grandparents for the holidays. There will be delicious food, lots of grandma kisses and hugs and playtime with your favorite cousins!  Little Luke had his bag packed and he was ready to go by 6:00 AM to head for Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport!
Waiting to board....a second breakfast sounds good this early in the morning

Louie the Lion was chosen to be the lucky one to accompany his buddy on the plane ride.
Mom does a pretty amazing job in packing snacks, books and
games to pass the time during the flight.  

This was what was going on yesterday in Ohio! Ohio Grandma and Nonno live on three acres complete with a pond for fishing! Now what could be more picture perfect than this? A cold November day and snow flurries! This picture is of their backyard toward the barn. Isn't this just magical?I believe this promises to be a good Thanksgiving! And yes, we are a tad jealous!

Mommy: "Luke! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?" 
Luke: "I'm thankful for Mommie, Daddy, Jesus and cornbread!"

I am thankful that Jesus came before cornbread......


  1. I remember our kids getting that excited to visit with grand-parents 6 hours away. It was always fun. He is such a little cutie. Deb

  2. How adorable he is! I would put cornbread right up there in my list too...which reminds me I've got to make some for our stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family--I'm thankful to have found your blog, XOXO


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